Kellogg Police Department Roll Call: Aug. 27 - Sept. 10

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KPD shot of the week.

• 9/11 always in our hearts.

• Looks like Boot might have forgot to do something last week while K73 was on vacation. Dang kids anyways.

• Suspicious vehicle in the 100 block of west Riverside, noticed the lights being on and off throughout the night. Female can’t smoke in her house so she uses the car. Cleared, NAT (Necessary Action Taken).

• Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner. Stationary patrols 200-300 block of east Cameron.

• Traffic stops x 3 200-300 block of east Cameron — one citation for speed, two verbal warnings.

• Traffic stop 1500 block McKinley, verbal for registration.

• Parking ticket issued 200 block west Elder for parking on sidewalk.

• Conducted follow-up on active cases.

• Checked on abandoned vehicle 115 E. Portland, it is now gone and event has been closed.

• Numerous landline requests at Kellogg Police Department.

• Dog taken to pound after being located at large at Shoshone Medical Center.

• Training at Community Center.

• Traffic hazard intersection of Division and Cameron, manhole cover came loose/broke, road crew worked on and solution was put in place as best as could.

• Civil papers attempted x 2, negative contact x 2.

• K72 was dispatched for a report of a driver all over the road exiting at milepost 51 into Kellogg. Located a vehicle matching the description and observed them cross completely into the oncoming lane and left of center multiple times. After making contact with the driver, one female was taken into custody for driving under the influence and possession of a controlled substance. Cleared, felony arrest.

• Welfare check requested by Health and Welfare. Cleared, other agency assist.

• Traffic stop on Hill Street for stop sign violation. Cleared, verbal warning.

• Dispatched to a burglary alarm on the 100 block of south Division. After looking into the matter, turned out to be a false alarm.

• Responded to the 100 block of west Mullan Avenue for a dog at large. Dog was picked up and taken to the pound.

• Released two dogs from the pound.

• Worked on reports and follow-up.

• Dispatched to a 911 hang-up on the 700 block of McKinley Avenue. Checked the area but was unable to find anyone who need law enforcement assistance.

• Landline request regarding a camper parked on private property on the 100 block of Main Street. Spoke with the owner and they said it would be removed ASAP.

• Dispatched to a report of a 911 hang-up at the 700 block of McKinley Avenue. Cleared, unfounded.

• Received a phone call from a property owner regarding an unwanted camper parked on their property. The camper owner was contacted and arrangements were made among both parties. Cleared, public assist.

• Report work, evidence work and follow up conducted.

• Received a phone call from an out of town property owner concerned that an item may be stolen off of her property who requested a check be done of her property. The property was checked and the owner was notified. Cleared, public assist.

• Dispatched to a report of a lost dog at the 400 block of Second Street in Kellogg. The dog was transported and booked into the pound. Cleared, public assist.

• Released the lost dog back to their owner a short time later. Cleared, public assist.

• Traffic stop at the 600 block of south Division in Kellogg. Cleared, verbal warning for failure to maintain lane and failure to signal.

• Traffic stop at McKinley and Division streets. Cleared, verbal warning for failure to dim upon approach.

• Called to I-90 WB MP 49 for debris in roadway. Cleared, hazard removed.

• Assisted county with 911 hang-up in Osburn. Cleared, other agency assist.

• Assisted county with a burglary alarm on Alhambra Road. Turned out to be a false alarm.

• Assisted Kootenai County with a Welfare Check in Cataldo. Reporting party was in Kellogg and k74 relayed info to Kootenai County Deputies.

• Landline line request regarding a stolen vehicle reported last year.

• Abandoned vehicle at the MP 49 westbound on-ramp. The vehicle was tagged for 48-hour removal.

• Citizen contact on Diamond Avenue. When pulling into the mineral subdivision, K72 noticed two individuals who appeared to be running away from the patrol car. After speaking with them, it was discovered that they were having a foot race back home. Cleared, unfounded.

• Traffic stop at the Teddy and Park Avenue. Cleared, verbal for incomplete stop.

• Traffic stop at the 300 block of the alley between south Division Street and Maple. Cleared, verbal for equipment.

• Traffic stop at the Cameron Conoco parking lot. Cleared, verbal for headlights out.

• Report of a fight in progress at the 300 block of McKinley Avenue. After investigating neither party wanted to press charges. Cleared, parties separated and peace restored.

• Took two dogs into pound from county felony arrest.

• Took two dogs into the pound from county. They were picked up in Rio Vista near Osburn.

• Dispatched to a burglary on the 100 block of Main Street. Report was taken.

• Disturbance at Silver Mountain in the lobby, intoxicated male arguing with significant other in front of child(ren). Arrangements made for female and child(ren) to leave for the night, the arrangements were made prior to arrival and parties were separated. Peace restored.

• Citizen contact 200 block Main Street, Wardner, verbal warning given for driving while status is suspended (suspension is over but the status is still suspended). This was not a traffic stop, rather a contact.

• Responded to the 100 block of east Portland Avenue for a subject with a warrant. K77 was unable to locate.

• Went to the 200 block of west Cameron Avenue for an open door. Discovered individuals were remodeling the building. No action taken.

• Dispatched to the 400 block of Bunker Avenue for an animal complaint. Animal was later removed from the vehicle and placed inside the residence.

• Wanted subject at 100 block of east Portland, unable to locate said individual (was not a part of the group of people that was reported).

• 911 hang-up at Silver Mountain, made contact with the room and parties and everything was fine. Checked phone and verified it was the phone that dialed. Unfounded.

• Dog at large captured in the 300 block of west Riverside, picked up said dog and transported to pound.

• Courtesy transport from Shoshone Medical Center to 400 block of Bunker Avenue, unable to complete as the person was not capable of entering/exiting patrol vehicle.

• Skol! Take that dirty birds. Yes, I know that was in 1998 but I’m still bitter.

• Vehicle maintenance scheduling.

• Animal complaint 300 block west Mission. Written warning given as well as copy of animal ordinance.

• Battery at Silver Mountain. Parent vs. child, cite and release for injury to child. Child sheltered with Health and Welfare, report taken.

• Foot patrols on Bunker Avenue.

• School emphasis.

• Called to a possible unlawful entry in the 500 block Main Street, Wardner. A light was left on from some of the family retrieving items from the home in the day time. Cleared, NAT, home was secure no signs of forced entry.

• Traffic stop on station for no tail lights, verbal.

• Assisted County at Shoshone Medical Center for a cover taking a male into custody from an earlier incident. Cleared, other agency assist.

• Dispatched to a report of a domestic at the 500 block of north Elm. No domestic had occurred, rather it was a simple battery. Unable to locate the suspect at this time. Report taken with follow-up to interview the suspect to continue. Cleared, report taken.

• Received found property at Dave Smith Motors. The property will be booked into evidence, and a report will be made. Cleared, report taken.

• Attempted to locate an individual with a warrant at the 100 block of east Portland. Cleared, Unable to Locate.

• Citizen contact at the 000 block of east Market. An individual was pointing what appeared to be a handgun at another and dropped it into their vehicle when the patrol car approached. After investigating, it was discovered to be a BB gun and the other person did not feel threatened.

• The subject was educated by K72 regarding the dangers associated with pointing what could appear to be a real handgun at others out in public. Cleared, NAT.

• Dispatched to a report of Unlawful Entry at the 500 block of Main Street in Wardner. After investigating, the house was discovered to be secure. Cleared, unfounded.

• Out of control juvenile at the 000 block of east Market Avenue in Kellogg. After some discussion with K72, the juvenile decided it would probably be best to listen to Mom.

• Attempted warrant service at the 200 block of Main Street in Wardner. One female was taken into custody for a felony warrant. Cleared, felony arrest.

• Dispatched to a report of a suicidal subject at the 100 block of Legion Avenue. After making contact with the subject, they were OK and were not suicidal. Cleared, public assist.

• Took a dog into the pound from Pinehurst.

• Citizen contact at Kellogg Police Department regarding child custody issues. Cleared, civil.

• K75 located vehicle on Galena Ridge Road behind the gate posted on private property. Made contact with driver and then arrested for suspicion of DUI and possession of a controlled substance under 3 ounces.

• Conducted a traffic stop on the 100 Block of Railroad Avenue. Verbal warning was given.

• Released a dog from the pound.

• Dispatched to a welfare check on a female near the 600 block of east Cameron Avenue. Searched the area, but was unable to locate.

• Responded to the City Park regarding juveniles climbing on roofs. Made contact with said juveniles and educated these guys on what activities are not acceptable at the park.

• Responded to Hill Street Conoco for a disorderly customer. Discovered the individual was throwing a fit about a debit card which he left there at the pump the day before. The debit card had been turned into Kellogg Police Department after he left it there. K77 was able to return it to him.

• Responded to the 200 block of north Division Street regarding a dog at large. Dog was taken to the pound and was released to owner later on.

• Dispatched to a vehicle vs. bicyclist at the intersection of Station Avenue and south Division Street. Report was taken.

• Animal complaint on the 400 block of Bunker Avenue. Spoke with owner of the animal and gave a verbal warning.

• Citizen contact at the top of Wardner. One individual was drinking in public. after giving them a warning, they poured it out and went on their way. Cleared, verbal warning.

• Suspicious circumstance at the 500 block of Main Street in Kellogg. A garage was burglarized. Follow-up to continue. Cleared, report taken

• Citizen contact at south Elm and east Idaho Avenue in Kellogg.

• Responded to assist a county deputy with a domestic in-progress, but was canceled en route. Cleared, other agency assist.

• Traffic stop at the milepost 51 eastbound on-ramp for no headlights. One male was taken into custody for a felony warrant, and one female was issued a citation for minor in possession of alcohol. Cleared, felony arrest and citation issued.

• Picked up an abandoned bicycle on the 800 block of south Division Street.

• Landline request regarding stolen property at Silver Mountain. Investigation is on-going.

• K76 was called to a domestic in the 200 block of west Mission Avenue after investigation the male was taken into custody. Cleared, felony arrest.

• Assisted county with a male screaming and taking all his clothes off in Pinehurst, male was located near old farm road. Cleared, other agency assist. Drugs are bad, just SAYIN’!

• Citizen contact at the Hill Street Conoco gas station. The individual matched the description of a person with a warrant. One male was taken into custody for a misdemeanor warrant. Cleared, misdemeanor arrest.

• Motorist assist on Hill Street at the bottom of the hill with an RV broken down. Ended with K72 getting a felony arrest.

• Responded at the request of K76 on a motorist assist. One male was taken into custody for possession of a controlled substance. Cleared, felony arrest. Looks like Boot made the new guy take the arrest.

• Suicidal subject east Idaho. Was able to calm subject down, so he was able to be transported to Coeur d’Alene.

Be Happy, Be safe, umm where did summer go, she just left, not even kiss goodbye?

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