KPD Roll Call: July 9-16

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KPD shot of the week

•Attempt to locate stolen vehicle out of Kootenai County.

•Attempt to locate - endangered male 80+ years of age - maroon Mercury Mountaineer Montana plates. Last known location Wallace Superstop 0800.

•Unwanted subject 600 block Bunker Ave (Fairbridge) - subject sleeping in the hallway. Contacted and confirmed staying there - went to room without issue. Public Assist.

•Released dogs from pound with K71.

•Slept in then went jeepn.

•Blight notice with K71 100 block Mission.

•Welfare check 100 block W. Riverside; subject was code 4 and got to have a nice conversation.

•Report of child abuse at Kellogg City park cleared unfounded.

•Shots fired 100 Block Main St. Wardner. Spoke with several residents in the area, had nothing to report. Cleared UTL.

•Assist medical with incident at Silver Horn Motor Inn involving person falling out of 2nd story window.

•Report of someone calling for help in the area of 600 block S. Division. Neighbors dogs were fighting and owner was screaming at them. Cleared NAT.

•Assist K75 with medical call - detox female subject related to that incident - transport to SCSO.

•Unwanted subject 100 block of Legion - upon arrival, found out Battery had occurred (victim refusal). Suspect was intoxicated and on probation. Probation officer contacted and was requested to take into custody for Probation Violation. Took subject into custody without incident and transported/booked into jail. Breath Sample .327 - Report taken/completed.

•Fire alarm at Dave Smith Motors - set off by cleaning staff - false alarm.

•Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Foot patrols of Bunker Ave.

•Slept in, then went camping.

•Notified of possible graffiti either at the Middle School and/or City Park (pool) - checked the areas and was unable to locate.

•Structure Fire 10 block of Kellogg Avenue - Structure was NOT on fire, but basement filled completely with smoke - dryer issue and nothing else. Other Agency Assist.

•Released two dogs from the shelter.

•Blight 100 block of Mission.

•Citizen contact re: info on eviction process.

•Blight patrol. Please mow your weeds.

•Words from the Chief. “Please leave the rocks on the loading dock (west of the dumpster) alone. They are stolen property sort of. No seriously.”

•Called to 500 block N. Division for welfare check. Cleared public assist.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Follow up on reports.

•Called to Kellogg Pet Medical Center for dogs that were picked up in Smelterville. Owners have been contacted prior to being placed into pound. Cleared NAT.

•LL request regarding eviction. Cleared public assist.

•Open door 100 block Emerald. Upon arrival owner called and said everything was code 4.

•Open door 100 block of Emerald - canceled by K75 prior to arrival.

•Traffic stop Bunker Avenue @ 49 EB on-ramp - verbal for headlight.

•Traffic stop Bunker/Wildcat - verbal for headlights (rental vehicle).

•Slept in while camping then went kayaking.

•Traffic stop 200 block E. Idaho - verbal for parking on roadway, citation for insurance.

•Traffic stop 400 block Railroad - verbal for headlight, also advised of taillight turning off when pressing brakes, might be a wiring issue somewhere.

•Citizen contact at Kellogg City Park reference dogs in the park. Owners removed dogs from the park.

•Stopped out with ISP 10 block of Railroad, they were finishing a DUI investigation (under .08) - no assistance needed.

•Medical assist Silver Mountain - subject fell on face and bleeding - refused medical attention. Placed on a Detox hold because when he was asked what year it was, he thought it was 1999. Which makes sense as he was parting like it was 1999. I was dreamin' when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray.

•Domestic 100 block of Kellogg Avenue - did NOT meet criteria for Domestic, changed call to disturbance and separated parties giving a courtesy ride to Wallace Inn.

•Citizen contact 700 block of W. Cameron - 2 subjects stopped on walkway talking loudly - this was not an argument or anything like that, refused a ride to hotel (they wanted to walk).

•Citizen contact 300 block McKinley - verbal warning for loudness (K74 could hear them speaking from a block away inside his vehicle). No issues and as they put it "east coast" personalities....AKA loud talkers.

•Citizen contact Main/McKinley - wanted to report theft. Took place out in the county, referred to other agency.

•Assist county with theft follow-up in Kellogg.

•Attempt to locate possible wanted subject up Alhambra Rd - Unable to locate.

•Traffic stop 600 Bunker - verbal headlight.

•Traffic stop Slaughterhouse Gulch - verbal speed.

•Went jeepn again then later kayaking.

•Disturbance - near Pressley. Reporting party heard two loud bangs sounding like truck tires exploding. Unknown exact location. K74 was able to hear one of them (about 20 minutes prior to the call) and it sounded like a firework but did not see anything in the air. Unable to locate.

•Traffic stop W. Cameron/Jacobs Gulch - verbal for equipment (trailer had no running lights, only right-hand brake and turn signal worked).

•Traffic stop I90 westbound near exit 49 (offense was Division/Cameron) - verbal for expired registration, citation for Fail to Show Insurance.

•Noise complaint 100 block E. Portland - near the intersection of Oak, unknown exact location - loud music. Checked area multiple times unable to locate.

•Possible suicidal subject at KPD parking lot - after interview, did not appear to be suicidal, just overly intoxicated and upset at parents - Public assist.

•Called to 500 block W. Cameron for Welfare Check/ 911 hang-up. Subject code 4, cleared public assist.

•Traffic complaint E. Riverside Ave. Provided stationary radar. Cleared public assist.

•LL request at KPD cleared public assist.

•Traffic stop Hill St. and Cameron Ave. Cleared verbal for stop sign violation.

•Traffic stop on Cameron Ave for failure to yield to oncoming traffic. Cleared verbal.

•Traffic stop on Cameron Ave for speed. Cleared verbal.

•Traffic stop on Oregon Ave for inattentive driving. Cleared verbal.

•Foot patrol Main, Mill, 2nd, Silver.

•Motorist assist on E. Market. Cleared public assist.

•Blight notification 100 block W. Riverside for overgrown grass/weeds. Cleared written warning.

•Blight notification 400 block W. Brown Ave. for overgrown grass/weeds. Cleared written warning.

•Blight notification 600 block 2nd St. for overgrown grass/weeds. Cleared written warning.

•Blight notification 100 block Mill for Scattered debris/ rubbish/ etc. cleared written warning.

•Traffic collision, property damage only. provided informational exchange. Cleared report taken.

•Contact at pd with a person that wanted to report an accident. It had happened in the county and gave them the county phone number.

•Two vehicle accident in yokes parking lot. Big truck over small car. Info was exchanged NAT.

•Patrolled Wardner and Kellogg.

•Wow what a long week, camping, jeepn, kayaking and sleeping-it’s hard work. I totally need to go back to work.

•Follow up on cases left over from before vacation.

•Observed what appeared to be a fight in progress in the parking lot of Silver Mtn. Resort. After looking into the matter K77 discovered it was a couple yelling and screaming at each other. Peace was later restored between the two after some counseling from K77.

•Dispatched to Silver Mtn. Resort for an animal complaint. Owner of the animal was located and verbally warned.

•K77 Released a dog from the pound that K90 picked up earlier in the day.

Citizen contact at KPD for a civil issue regarding animals.

•Agency assist with Idaho Felony Probation & Parole on the 100 block of E Portland Ave. After P&P did their thing, K77 arrested one individual for possession of meth and transported them to jail. Seems that having meth on your person is a violation of probation too. Who Knew?

•While K77 was on his arrest, County assisted with handling a verbal domestic on the 800 block of S. Division St. Peace was restored. Also, a hit and run was called in on the 400 block of Railroad Ave. which County assisted in handling as well. Turned out not to be a hit and run. Individuals involved in the crash exchanged information and damage to their vehicles was minimal. Thanks for the help County!

•Landline request for an unknown issue. Attempted to contact reporting party several times but was unable to establish contact.

•Attempted to locate murder suspect from Washington, subject was located in Montana.

Be Happy, Be Safe, We are hiring! No probie didn’t fail POST (well I hope not anyway) the KPD family is augmenting by one.

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