KPD Roll Call: May 28-June 4

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KPD shot of the week.

•Called to the Shoshone apartments for a fight in progress. Neither wanted to pursue charges, parties were separated and peace was restored.

•Contacted a suspicious vehicle in the 200 block of Hill Street while running traffic on mission, after contacting the vehicle citations were issued for no vehicle registration.

•Traffic stop in the 2500 block of McKinley Ave. for speed. Verbal.

•Traffic stop 3000 block McKinley for speed. Verbal.

•Traffic stop in the 600 block of Mission for stop sign violation. Verbal.

•Called to the 300 block of Cameron for a trespass. Public assist.

•Called to the Hill Street Conoco for a report of a near accident. Public assist.

•Foot patrols City Park, McKinley, Main W. Idaho, Railroad, State, Bunker, Ohio, Portland, Market.

•700 block of Bunker. Open door on vehicle, owner on-site moving items. Necessary Action Taken (NAT).

•Traffic stop 49 Westbound on-ramp. Equipment issue with trailer, operator fixed and was on their way (loose wire). Verbal.

•Words from the Chief- “Been getting complaints of bicycles and skateboards on the sidewalks in the uptown area. Please keep an eye out and take appropriate action.”

•Report of vehicle all over roadway on Emerald area. K73 located the vehicle and found out the vehicle had front end issues.

•Citizen contact at KPD regarding items from a prior arrest. Cleared refer to other agency.

•Foot patrol Main, McKinley, W. Idaho, Cameron Ave.

•Citizen contact on W Mill. Cleared public assist.

•Traffic stop on Cameron Ave for failure to yield into oncoming traffic. Cleared verbal.

•Citizen contact at KPD. Cleared public assist.

•Civil standby at KPD at 700 block Upper 3rd.

•Welfare check McKinley Ave near Teeters Field. Subject was code 4 and I provided a courtesy ride home.

•Citizen contact intersection of Mission and Hill St regarding protection order. Cleared public assist.


•Traffic stop 800 block S. Division in Wardner. Verbal warning for headlights after dark, they were out looking for their dogs that ran away. K74 assisted in attempting to locate the dogs but was unable to locate (UTL).

•Agency assist at KPD. Road rage incident spanning from Montana. ISP dispatch directed Reporting Party (RP) to KPD parking lot where contact was made. Everything described was either infraction or took place in Montana/County, parties were separated and sent on their way at differing times to avoid further contact.

•Possible unlawful entry 700 block Bunker Ave. Contacted RP that requested a walk-through of the residence. Walked through and did not locate anyone inside. It is not believed anything was taken, but statement form was left in the event the notice items missing for report.

•Report of vehicle burglary on Emerson Lane.

•Motorist assist on McKinley Ave and Middle 3rd. Walkers furniture truck got its back bumper stuck on the road and gouged the new asphalt. Assisted getting vehicle unstuck and took incident report.

•The fireman asked if we would post this in the Roll Call- “If you are in need of a car seat for your new born or maybe a child has outgrown their child seat, go see Kaela at the SCFD No.2 building. She can make sure your child is up to date on their safety!”

•Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Foot patrols at McKinley, W. Idaho, Main, Ohio, Portland, Market, Bunker.

•Agency assist county with combative subject in custody for aggravated assault.

•Conducted a traffic stop on the 100 block of W. Cameron Ave. Cleared verbal warning.

•Dispatched to the 600 block of W. Cameron Ave. for an aggravated individual threatening others. Peace was restored later on.

•Citizen contact on Sierra Nevada Rd. Not action was taken.

•Dispatched to an attempted break-in on the 10 block of Kellogg Ave. Call was later cleared unfounded.

•Attempted unlawful entry on Kellogg Avenue. Officer on-scene within seconds of call, nobody coming or going. 2nd floor screen to window opened. Made entry onto rooftop and could not see indications of a person’s presence on the roof. There was what looked like raccoon tracks across the rooftop. Checked entire area and neighbor’s residence (mountainside included) without any evidence of persons recently in the area. Unfounded, video surveillance observed with nothing showing as well.

•Foot patrols on Kellogg Ave, Main, Market, McKinley, W. Idaho, Ohio, Portland.

•Welfare check 200 block Elder. Cleared negative contact.

•Assist county with felony warrant service. Cleared other agency assist.

•Civil Standby 700 block upper 3rd.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•ATL for runaway juvenile. Cleared unable to locate.

•ATL suicidal subject, phone was pinged to out in the county. Cleared negative contact.

•Assisted County with a vehicle theft in progress. Cleared, other agency assist.

•Called to the 300 block Cameron regarding an overdue person, however he didn’t want to report him he just wanted to let me know. Advised him to callback later if the male doesn’t arrive.

•Broken down vehicle on S. Division blocking traffic, called tow for the vehicle and provided traffic control. Cleared public assist.

•Conducted extra patrols in the requested areas.

•Continued to make contact with the welfare check on Elder. Negative contact.

•Conducted a traffic stop on the 300 block of E. Cameron Ave. Cleared verbal.

•Assisted County with a reckless driver near Osburn.

•Responded to disturbing the peace on the 100 block of E. Portland Ave. Verbal warning given.

•Contacted juveniles at the city park revving their engines, advised them to stop and they did such that.

•Citizen contact that K76 recognized as a wanted male with a felony warrant, male was taken into custody without incident. Cleared felony arrest.

•Traffic stop in the 100 block of East Cameron Ave for speed. Verbal.

•Traffic stop with vehicle with no plates. Verbal.

•Contacted juveniles at the city park revving their engines, advised them to stop and they did such that.

•Citizen contact that I recognized as a wanted male with a felony warrant, male was taken into custody without incident. Cleared felony arrest.

•Traffic stop in the 100 block of East Cameron Ave for speed. Verbal.

•Traffic stop with vehicle with no plates. Verbal.

•Dispatched to suspicious activity on the 10 block of Kellogg Ave. Searched the area but was unable to locate the individual.

•Citizen contact on the 400 block of Bunker Ave. Cleared no action taken.

•Report of Items taken out of a vehicle in Silver Mt. parking lot. Report taken.

•School patrol.

•Wardner patrol.

•Stationary radar Cameron Ave. by construction area.

•Stationary radar Bunker Ave.

•Walk in vehicle burglary-report taken, vehicle was broken into in the Emerald division.

•Attempted to locate the missing/ endangered run away, was able to get a phone number and attempted to ping the phone however it didn’t work. Cleared unable to locate at this time.

•Traffic stop at Rail road and Hill Street for stop sign. Verbal.

•Traffic stop on Hill Street for no plates. Verbal.

•Traffic stop on Hill and Bunker for stop sign violation. Verbal.

•Attempted to locate a runaway juvenile. Unable to locate said juvenile.

•Reports of several car burglaries in Kellogg and surrounding areas. Lock your doors.

Be happy, be safe, don’t steal things, its not nice.

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