KPD Roll Call: May 14-21

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KPD shot of the week.

•Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Agency Assist P&P on E. Market

•Unwanted subject at Hill Street Conoco. The local panhandler with a broken-down vehicle. Employee asked her to leave and she would not, turns out it was legit this time and the vehicle would not stay running. She was allowed to stay as she had help on the way, advised company would call Nickerson’s to have vehicle towed (posted) prior to the end of their shift.

•Parking issue McKinley/Division. Parties were leaving as K74 arrived while they were parked in a no parking zone.

•Possible vehicle crash 1000 block McKinley Ave. Upon arrival, one vehicle, no collision, a tire came off while driving down the road. They already had a tow on the way. No report needed/taken as no collision involved. Roadway was not blocked. Hope they know a good mechanic or fire the one they have.

•Suspicious person(s). McDonald’s parking lot, took information from different location and this was after subject(s) were gone. Attempted to locate vehicle (license plate given), but believe the vehicle got on the interstate shortly after contact eastbound. No crime involved, but looked for vehicle to see if there was any kind of infraction to stop for.

•Agency assist with driving complaint from I90 near Cataldo. Subjects were now in Kellogg. When contacted, all actions took place outside of Kellogg and referred to other agency (may have been following too close or there may be more to the story than reported by RP). County handled as nothing took place in Kellogg.

•Civil Stand-by 700 block of Upper 3rd.

•Citizen contact at the PD regarding possible malicious injury to property. After attaching the female to the call, it was learned she had a warrant out of Shoshone County and was, at that time, taken into custody without incident. Cleared arrest.

•Called to S Division for an unlawful entry/ burglary call. A bow and a fishing rod were taken. Cleared report taken.

•Called Dave Smith Motors for a fraud case. A person with a stolen identity was able to buy a Challenger and have it delivered to North Carolina. Car will be entered into NCIC as stolen.

•Battery call on Elder Ave. Arrested male subject.

•Disturbance call on Legion, made contact with both parties. They agreed to quit down but had two more 911 calls back there. Cleared, Necessary Action Taken (NAT).

•Called to S Division for a runway report. Gave to K76 as K73 still needed to finish reports from the day.

•Traffic stop at hill and McKinley for stop sign. Verbal.

•Foot patrol with K77.

•Citizen contact with two suspicious persons on Station Ave. Cleared NAT.

•Called to the 100 block of E Idaho for a Citizen contact. Cleared NAT.

•Traffic stop at Hill St. and McKinley for speed, verbal.

•Traffic stop at McKinley and Hill St. for crossing double yellow, verbal.

•Called to the 700 Block of Mill in Wardner for suspicious male, unfounded.

•Called to the 700 block Mills Street again, RP stated that there were now two males standing outside her house.

•Called back to the same area above again for grand theft auto in progress. RP stated that the two males were actively stealing her pickup truck, however this too was unfounded.

•Citizen contact in the 400 block of South Division with a suspicious person. Cleared NAT.

•Called to Silver Mountain for issues that happened in the water park earlier in the day. Cleared, public assist.

•Follow up from domestic 700 block Upper 3rd.

•Parade detail.

•Finished reports.

•Called to SMC for agency assist. Cleared other agency assist.

•Citizen contact regarding lost wallet. Cleared public assist.

•Citizen contact regarding broken down vehicle. Cleared public assist.

•Removed debris from roadway on Hill St. by the overpass.

•Called to the 700-block Mill in Wardner for suspicious circumstance. Unfounded.

•Suspicious male on McKinley Ave. led me to an argument between a couple in a parking lot. Cleared peace restored.

•ATL for 8004 driver. Cleared UTL.

•Landline request with questions about a protection order. Cleared public assist.

•Traffic stop in the 400 block of S Division for speed. Cleared citation issued.

•Called to State St. for found property. Cleared public assist.

•LL request. Caller did not want to state issues to dispatch.

•Burglary alarm at Les Schwab Tires. Building secured. Strong wind gusts came through and rattled doors. Contacted responsible party. Cleared building secured.

•Citizen contact at Yoke’s parking lot. Cleared public assist.

•Citizen contact with suspicious male on Cameron in front of Dave Smith Motors. Cleared NAT.

•Traffic stop in the yokes parking lot. No plates, verbal.

•Traffic stop also in the tokes parking lot for stop sign. Verbal.

•Possible domestic in the 600 block of 2nd St. no crime committed. Cleared peace restored.

•Citizen contact with individuals in a vehicle in the alley behind the 10 block of E Market. NAT.

•Landline request regarding a stolen phone, made contact with all parties involved. Cleared, public assist.

•K76 was flagged down by a motorist that was lost, he helped him find a hotel.

•Flagged down by an individual in the yokes parking lot regarding child custody questions as well as the where about of a wanted subject, however the wanted individual had already had the warrant taken care of. Cleared, public assist.

•Attempt To Locate (ATL) for stolen vehicle out of Montana however vehicle was located just before it entered the county.

•Words from the Chief- “keep an eye on the odd fellows shelter as there is some new graffiti on the ceiling. This occurred sometime over the weekend.”

•School patrol.

•Report of a dog left in a vehicle. Dog was not in distress but still had the owner take the dog inside.

•Two dogs in pound.

•Probie doing good at POST you ask? Not sure as he has not checked in with the Chief in a while (hint hint probie).

•Vehicle accident Amy Lynn’s. Info report taken.

•Called to a fight in progress in the 200 block Presley, nothing physical, parties went their separate ways.

•Found property that was later picked up at the PD.

•Traffic stop at Utah and riverside for speed. Verbal.

•Traffic stop on Hill St. for speed. Verbal.

•Extra patrol near odd fellows.

•Suspicious vehicle in the city pool parking lot. Cleared NAT.

•ATL for a reckless driver. Unable to locate.

•Called to a citizen contact in the 500 block of N Elm for question regarding a protection order.

•Landline request regarding a civil standby. Cleared public assist.

•Dispatched to the 600 block of Bunker Ave. for harassment complaint. Cleared public assist.

•Responded to a reckless driver on Hill St. Searched the area but was unable to locate the vehicle.

•Dispatched to the 400 block of Bunker Ave. for a suicidal individual. Provided transport to SMC.

•Conducted a building check on the 700 block of W. Cameron Ave.

•School patrol.

•Paroled two dogs from jail for good behavior. Yup just opened the doors and let them go...not really they were released to their human.

•Wardner patrol.

•Side street patrol.

•Traffic stop on Cameron Ave for speed. Verbal.

•Traffic stop 400 block Wardner, resulted in warrant arrest for passenger as I recognized her as wanted. Cleared arrest.

•Traffic stop in the gondolier parking lot for speed. Verbal.

•ATL for reckless driver. Unable to locate vehicle.

•Motorist assist on the I-90 access road and South Division, dump truck broke down when it was turning onto division, traffic control was conducted till the truck could be towed out of the intersection. Cleared public assist.

•Dispatched to 600 Block of a threats complaint. Call was cleared civil.

•Citizen contact on the 800 block of W. Cameron Ave. No action was taken.

•Worked on reports and went through tons of evidence.

•Traffic stop at bunker and Hill St. Expired registration by a long ways, citation issued.

•Traffic stop in the yokes parking lot for stop sign violation. Verbal.

•Called to the 100 block of Kellogg Ave for a malicious injury to property. Report taken.

•Traffic stop on the 49 on ramp for stop sign. Verbal.

Be happy, be safe, the snow is gone from Alhambra- safe to plant those gardens.

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