KPD Roll Call: March 5-12

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KPD shot of the week.

•While patrolling today noticed this weird black stuff on the roads. Nice to see some pavement. **Update** never mind, pavement all gone again.

•Approved reports and sent some back.

•Noise complaint at the Trail Motel. No, it was not a guest but it was the management.

•Car alarm at Silver Mt. Cleared peace restored.

•Traffic stop in the gondolier parking lot with a vehicle that had no headlights. Cleared verbal.

Foot patrol, McKinley and Main.

•Citizen contact at KPD reference towing vehicles (handled over the phone and only had questions about why the vehicle was being towed).

•Citizen contact (requesting information) regarding dog/animal. Wanted to see if a certain dog was in our pound- nope. Information relayed via dispatch.

•Citizen contact regarding possible drug transaction. Information collected.

•Traffic stop Legion/Hill. Vehicle began going the wrong way on a one way but stopped in time. Verbal warning

•Attempt to locate possible road rage I90 MP44 eastbound, white car and black truck. Unable to locate.

•Disturbance at Dave Smith Motors. Person causing the issue was gone prior to receiving the call, will attempt to locate in order to trespass from DSM properties.

•Welfare check on W. Brown (passed down from previous shift, this is something we were not going to as there was no check needed).

•Evidence Work (video migration/separation on recently issued camera).

•Towed some vehicles. One of the owners came out on the first one and arrangements were made for that one. Second one got towed away, report taken.

•Lesson one for probie- he now can’t wait or “stage” for the scene to be safe. He now is the one who makes it safe. Yes, another dig at the firemen.

•Citizen contact with a female in front of Dave Smith Motors. Cleared, Necessary Action Taken (NAT).

•Bar check at Dirty Ernie’s.

•Citizen contact with a vehicle in the back of the Silver Mountain parking lot, they were sleeping. Everything was code 4, cleared NAT.

•Trespassed an individual from one of K74’s calls in the day.

•Case follow-ups

•Taser instructor work (updating materials).

•Evidence work.

•Disturbance between neighbors 600 block of 2nd St. Turned out not to be a disturbance, but a stuck motorist. Vehicle was pushed out without incident. Pretty slick if I say so myself, yell at your neighbor so they call the cops knowing we will help her get unstuck.

•Report of intoxicated male subject at Dave Smith Motors behind the wash bay. Upon arrival, unable to locate. One of the workers stated the subject rode off on a bicycle without issue.

•Juvenile issue at Kellogg Middle School. No issue at school other than concerns raised about home stuff, student/family live in county and information was directed to them. Referred to other agency.

•Unconscious female in the hallway 400 block of Bunker. Upon arrival, subject was outside their own apartment sleeping heavily. Family member was unable to move them on their own, assisted in returning said heavy sleeper to their apartment without issue.

•Called to the 400 block of Bunker Ave. for someone knocking on their window, someone locked themselves out and just wanted back into the building. Cleared, public assist.

•Called to the 400 block of Railroad for a noise complaint. Public assist.

•Citizen contact at the PD for a possible broken water line in the back yard of a home, found out a hose had just been running. Contacted the home owner to turn the water off. Cleared, public assist.

•Taser equipment maintenance (one of the batteries in one of our devices stopped working all-together).

•Traffic stop. 100 block W. Riverside, verbal for equipment. Issue with tail/stop/turn lights, knew they were going dim but will repair in the day light.

•Tagged vehicle Cedar between W. Mullan and W. Mission for 48-hour snow removal. Created call for Tuesday at 0900.

•Vehicle that was already tagged 303 W. Mission. Created call for Tuesday at 0900.

•Traffic stop 400 block of McKinley, verbal for speed.

•Traffic stop 800 block Bunker, verbal for speed.

•Called to Silver Mountain for a noise complaint. Peace restored.

•Called to the trail for a verbal argument. Cleared NAT.

•Called to Dirty Dog saloon for a patron refusing to leave, left without incident upon arrival.

•Called to the 500 block of Mission Ave. for a noise complaint, couldn’t hear anything going on at the described house. Cleared NAT

•Called back to Dirty Ernie’s for a fight. Cleared, neither party wanted to pursue charges.

•Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner. Clear sunshine...but man is it cold!

•Malicious injury to property at Silver Mountain. No damage to vehicle, information report taken.

•Release dog from puppy jail. Fees collected, receipt issued. City Ordinance Violation issued as well for Dog at Large.

•Attempted residential burglary (unlawful entry) W. Market. No signs of anything taking plac, extra patrols requested.

•Extra patrol requested in Silver Mountain Parking lot (the buildings). With a full lot, someone decided to write nasty grams on a little old lady’s car for taking up several spaces. It was the water-based window marker used, so no damage.

•Called to Dirty Dog Saloon for patron refusing to leave. Upon arrival, patron chose to leave. Cleared peace restored.

•Assisted K76 with noise complaint at Morning Star Lodge. Cleared agency assist.

•Traffic stop on Main for no headlights. Cleared verbal.

•Called back down to Dirty Dog Saloon for battery not in progress. Parties did not want to pursue charges. Cleared peace restored.

•Dispatched to the 500 block of 2nd St. for an unwanted subject. After arrival, K77 discovered the unwanted person was a resident of that home. K77 let the home owner know they needed to evict the individual through the courts.

•Range qualification for probie. He shot the bad guy in his special parts. Hopefully he won’t be making a habit of that.

•Paper Service. One served, one negative contact.

•Middle School Patrol.

•Conducted numerous attempts to serve civil papers with negative contact for each one.

•Assisted K75 with a medical call in the alley of the 100 block of W. Mission Ave. & W. Mullan Ave.

•Attempted three times to serve an eviction notice on Upper 3rd. St. On K77’s last attempt he got someone from inside to ask me who was at the door. After K77 identified himself, occupants inside refused to speak with me, let alone open the door. K77 posted the eviction notice to the front door after that.

•Assisted medical with intoxicated male 100 block W. Mission. Cleared public assist.

•Assist county with suspicious circumstance in Elk Creek for people walking around yards with flashlights. Cleared other agency assist.

•Assisted county with a shirtless subject running in front of moving cars in Smelterville. Thinking he might have ingested a “crystal-like” substance. County arrested Mr. Shirtless.

•Patrolled Kellogg/Wardner

•Assisted District No.2 Fire with traffic-control on a freeway. As usual making the scene safe for the firemen.

•Checked VIN attempting to locate owner of Mustang behind YMCA.

•A male passing through town had a stretch of bad luck when his VW Bug broke down in the Valley and got towed. This individual ended up in Kellogg somehow at Dave Smiths. The guy was being weird to the sale reps, attempting to write a 40K check to them and wanted to test drive their vehicles alone. Of course, Dave Smith did not fall for his trickery. He left the area on foot and began walking around town looking at vehicles. K77 made contact with him and told him if he stole a rig he was going to be in trouble and K77 told him to knock it off. K77 also ran the person’s info so if a rig did come up missing, we knew who to look for. Good news, no rigs missing the next day.

•Assist ISP with traffic stop. Cleared other agency assist.

•Probie did great on the physical agility test for post. We will be shipping him off soon.

Be Happy, Be Safe, The Scottish Highlander got the best of the Bulldog this week.

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