KPD Roll Call: Jan. 29- Feb. 5

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KPD shot of the week.


Kellogg Police Department

•Citizen contact at KPD regarding warrant service. Cleared public assist.

•LL request regarding current malicious injury to property on Legion Ave.

•911 Hangup. Phone pinged to the corner of Jones and Mill St. All was code 4 as she was attempting to set up her phone.

•Responded to a 911 hang-up call on Main St., Wardner and Jones St. Made contact with the reporting party and discovered the call was accidental.

•Conducted interviews and follow-up regarding vehicle theft case.

•Dispatched to Silver Mtn. for a welfare check on a male. Checked Silver Mtn. and the city but was unable to locate (UTL).

•Snow day!

•Patrolled in the snow.

•Evidence work. Old 90s murder case. Some evidence sent back from the lab.

•Patrolled sunnyside alleyways.

•Picked up paperwork from the courthouse.

•Parking ticket x 2 on S Division for parking in no parking zones (yellow curb).

•Cleared Ikits pending cases. All up to date.

•Assist ISP with a pursuit on Old Farm Road. Cleared assist.

•Called to the Trail Motel for a civil standby.

•Assisted ISP pursuit, cleared other agency assist.

•Called to the Cameron Conoco for a disturbance. Cleared parties separated peace restored.

•Called to the area McKinley near Wah Hings for a report of possible 37 code activity. Cleared UTL.

•Traffic stop in the 400 block of Bunker Ave. for a headlight out. Verbal.

•Traffic stop in front of Sunshine Inn for speed. Verbal.

•Assisted county with belligerent male at Walmart. Cleared other agency assist.

•K76 assisted K73 with a citizen contact in the 400 block of Chestnut. Cleared thinking not sure what he is on but it must be some pretty good stuff.

•School patrol.

•Approved Reports.

•Assist ISP with road rage call. Took place near Smelterville and ended up in Kellogg. Cleared assist.

•Lunch Patrol.

•Mobile patrol of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Worked on reports.

•Conducted residential checks throughout the city.

•Assisted County with a warrant service in Smelterville.

•Called to the Trail Motel for another citizen contact. Cleared public assist.

•Took in a dog from the county.

•Responded to a road hazard on Interstate 90 Milepost 49. Hazard was a boat on a trailer leaning into the roadway because there was a tire missing from the trailer. Nickerson’s Towing arrived on scene and removed the hazard.

•Conducted a traffic stop on the 600 block of Bunker Ave. Gave a verbal warning for a headlight out.

•Dispatched to the 10 block of Kellogg Ave. for a 911 hang-up. Made contact with the residents and discovered they were ok and the 911 was a false alarm.

•Assisted K74 with a battery that occurred at Silver Mtn.

•911 call on Kellogg Ave. Unfounded, child had the phone.

•Fight at Silver Mountain. RP made it to Dirty Ernie’s before calling. Contacted parties involved, citation issued for battery (cite and release).

•Took a dog out of the pound.

•Follow up for K77.

•Called to Les Schwabs for open trailer door. Contacted responsible party. Cleared public assist.

•County assist with vehicle slide-off at mp 54. Vehicle was pulled out by another motorist.

•Cleared other agency assist.

•Provided courtesy rides in the windy/snow/icy weather.

•Possible CPOR violation 700 block of S. Division. This is an ongoing issue that will hopefully be resolved with court this week. It is not believed a violation took place as there are multiple orders. Most of this has already been reported. They also had questions regarding civil items, advised they consult their attorney. Public Assist/Civil.


•Suspicious persons in the area of Agate and Emerald. Contacted 2 intoxicated females that thought they were on the northside of Spokane. Once the cold hit, they remembered they were staying at Silver Mountain, pointed them in the right direction and back they went. Checked with homeowner/vehicle owner in the area and nothing missing from vehicle. It was secured.

•Disturbance at Trail Motel. Spoke with both parties and advised they not speak to one another. One of the parties called as they had a question about Protection Orders, advised to contact the courts. Peace restored for now anyway. Yup same people.

•Assist County with a domestic/suicidal/shots fired call in Kingston. Cleared assist.

•School Patrol.

•It might be cold out.

•Report of stolen keys from a vehicle on Emerald. Located the keys with the two ladies that K74 dealt with the night before.

•Citizen contact regarding vandalism 300 block of W. Cameron Ave. Cleared public assist.

•Paper service on 500 block Riverside. Paper served.

•Paper service 10 block State St. Paper served.

•Attempted paper service 800 block W. Park. Paper not served.

•Citizen contact regarding open garage door for a business at the 400 block W. Cameron.

•Secured garage LL owner. Cleared building secured.

•Suspicious vehicle Sierra Nevada Road. Cleared, Necessary Action Taken (NAT).

•Now I know it’s just my opinion, but I think the best part of this years Superbowl was the commercials and they were not all that good.

•Welfare check on male believed to be in the 600 block of Upper 3rd. Cleared UTL.

•A report that an adult female is apparently going to the old Ron’s Sportsman dumpster and grabbing clothes from it, then taking the clothes she doesn’t want and placing them and other items in the porta-potty. They attempted to lock the blue room, but she eventually pries the door open and throws the clothes in the toilet. Now I’m not sure if she is trying the clothes on in the blue room like it’s a changing room and if they don’t fit or like the way they look on her- she then puts them in the toilet or what, but I’m sure the guy who cleans and empties the blue room is not a fan.

•Attempted to locate male subject for welfare check. Unable to locate at possible destination.

•Suspicious circumstance 300 block of E. Idaho. Someone going around residence knocking on doors and windows. Checked the area, unable to locate any persons. Contacted RP and was shown which door was struck, there were no tracks coming or going from the residence or around. Unfounded.

•Assist county with an unwanted subject at the Smelterville City Hall. Cleared assist.

•Put a dog in the pound from the county.

•Landline request about Facebook stalking at the Trail Motel. Step one, use the “block” button it works great.

•Released dog from dog pound.

•Assist county in Smelterville while K9 performed a vehicle search. Cleared other agency assist.

•Agency assist in Pinehurst for rolling (walking and or running) domestic. County handled, cleared assist.

•Business check/Citizen contact 300 block McKinley Ave. Vehicle alarm activated. After speaking with owner, it is an issue with the vehicle and unable to find a remedy. They did however disable the horn so that does not go off. While there, found narcotics. Report taken for property destruction.

Be Happy, Be Safe, Take a snow day.

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