KPD Roll Call: Aug. 28-Sept. 4

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•Called to the Amy Lynn’s for a fight in progress-Took a Male into Custody for aggravated assault.

•Mobile patrol in Kellogg & Wardner.

•Foot patrol on Bunker Ave. and city park.

•Conducted a building check on Bunker Ave.

•Blight work. Notice of abatement left at a residence in 100 block of W. Mullan. Contacted persons assisting in their move while leaving and they said they would pass along the info and clean up the mess.

•Attempt To Locate (ATL) for reckless driver passing vehicles on the shoulder near Kingston heading eastbound I-90. Set up at 49 Eastbound and shortly after K76 arrived, vehicle went by at a high rate of speed. The vehicle exited at 50, barely making the exit. The vehicle then went through the stop sign at the bottom of the off ramp at Hill Street still moving at a high rate of speed. Caught up to the vehicle at the end of the I-90 access road where K76 initiated a traffic stop. Arrested the driver for DUI. While inventorying the vehicle for tow, K77 found a substance in the vehicle. After further investigation, it tested presumptive positive for Methamphetamines. Cleared, arrest.

•Suicidal subject in the 100 block of Mullan– Subject wasn’t suicidal. After gathering more details from the Reporting Party (RP) after the contact with the subject, it was more of a welfare check. Subject was code 4.

•Parking complaint in the 100 block of Riverside. Had to explain that you can’t just paint your curb yellow because you don’t want a person parking in front of your house. Public Assist (PA).

•Traffic stop in the 400 block of Bunker for headlight out. Verbal.

•Foot patrol at the KHS football game.

•ATL white stolen dump truck from Missoula, Mont. Assist County and ISP with felony stop. Cleared, other agency assist.

•Business check at Cameron Conoco, clerk requested extra patrol.

•Assist with warrant arrest at Walmart. Cleared other agency assist.

•Citizen contact at KPD regarding juvenile issues. Cleared public assist.

•Extra patrol requested in the 10 block of Mission, both East and West. RP reported hand smudges on all her windows looking like they were trying to get them open within the last week. Nothing damaged, nothing opened, nothing taken– just extra patrols for the time being.

•Report of possible domestic on 100 block of W. Riverside/W. Mullan in the alley. Upon arrival, there was yelling, but it was directed towards a child that somehow placed a vehicle in permanent ‘park’ mode and unable to exit the alley. They were able to finally get the vehicle in motion and moved out of the alley.

•Citizen contact at Kellogg City Hall regarding past cases and officers. Nothing further as direction was given for civil matters.

•Maybe K76 would like Fortnite better is he was actually good at it.

•Dispatched to SMC for a male suicidal subject that was threatening to shoot up a church. Upon arrival, male subject was calm and no longer making threats. However after getting permission to search his persons and backpack, I found a couple prescription bottles belonging to another person. Cleared after hospital no longer needed my help and cited male subject for possession of a schedule V substance (nonnarcotic).

•Conducted 29 service on Mill St. with negative contact and 700 block of Ross Ranch Rd. also negative contact as well as 200 block of W Cameron.

•29 service at 200 block of W Cameron again, owner of residence informed me that the suspect no longer lived there. Cleared negative contact.

•Traffic stop on Hill St. into Yokes for no plates. Cleared verbal.

•Traffic stop on E Brown St. for speeding back on Legion Ave. Cleared verbal.

•Traffic stop on Hill St. into Conoco for stop sign violation. Cleared verbal.

•Follow up on a malicious injury to property case. Found subject in Pinehurst and ended up trespassing subject from 300 block of S Division. No charges following.

•Assist county for unlawful entry. Cleared other agency assist.

•Assist ISP with erratic driver. Cleared other agency assist.

•Physical domestic 300 block of S. Division. Cleared parties separated.

•Battery at 100 block W Riverside. Parties gone upon my arrival. Cleared peace restored.

•Domestic at Morning Star Lodge. Female was just heavily intoxicated and yelling. Cleared unfounded.

•Assist county with rollover crash on CDA river road. Cleared other agency assist.

•Request for extra patrol at Mountain Valley Care and Rehab– gas siphoning occurring in the employee parking lot.

•Wallet was left at Broken Wheel. Picked up wallet and got a hold of the owner later came to retrieve wallet. Cleared public assist.

•Agency assist in Smelterville for battery. Cleared agency assist.

•Assisted K75 on a county assist call at SMC regarding the battery that took place in Smelterville.

•Citizen contact on McKinley Ave. near the football field. Provided courtesy transport for the individual to their residence in Pinehurst.

•Disturbance on the 500 block of Bunker Ave. Established contact with individuals and gave a verbal warning for noise ordinance.

•K75 observed an open door on a commercial building in the 10 block of McKinley Ave. K75 and K77 Cleared the building and secured it afterward.

•Assisted 1205 with ATL on a male subject on Brown St. Cleared other agency assist, had negative contact with male subject.

•Traffic stop for no turn signal onto Utah St from W Cameron. Cleared verbal.

•Open door at the trim time barber shop-secured door as best I could, no sign of forced entry or things being stolen. Contacted responsible.

•Citizen contact on McKinley Ave. Cleared, Necessary Action Taken (NAT).

•Traffic stop on Hill St. for stop sign violation. Verbal.

•Two dogs at large were reported near the 100 block of W. Mission. Checked the area but was unable to locate them.

•Another call regarding the two dogs at large. Locate the little guys on the 500 block of W. Mission but was unable to convince them to take a ride with me. (stranger danger) Attempted to follow the dog’s home but lost them while in tow.

•Dispatched to 500 block of Brown St. for theft. Report was taken and investigation is still on-going.

•Possible theft of bicycle 100 block of Hill Street. Contacted victim, bicycle was in back of vehicle when vehicle drove off. Attempted to contact driver to let them know they have the property (voicemail full) unknown address in Osburn. Bicycle located and returned to owner– it was not a theft. Public assist.

•Dogs found running 100 block of W. Mullan. Able to track down owners and have them retrieve the dogs. Public assist.

•Unlocked a building that was locked up by night shift.

•Assist county with felony arrest 500 block of W. Brown. Subject was taken into custody after short foot chase.

•Report of missing children x2 700 block of Howard. After brief search, children were located and returned home. Verbal warning to the kids for leaving without permission. Due to the age, nothing further will follow.

•County assist while County was on Suicidal subject call up Burke. Motion Alarm at a business up big creek. Everything was code 4. Cleared, other agency assist.

•Removed some debris (set of linked chairs) from the roadway on the 100 block of McKinley Ave.

•Public assist on the 300 block of W. Mission Ave.

•School patrol (yes, school is back in sesh). On the bright side though, K73 might get some more solo wins in Fortnite during school hours.

•Abandoned vehicle E. Portland. Contact made with titled owner.

•Civil stand-by 100 block of Legion. No answer at residence unable to complete.

•Landline request regarding telephone scam. Information only as no transactions took place and no crime was committed (the old one of someone calling to say computer is not receiving updates etc).

•Evidence work.

•Unwanted subject 700 block of Howard. Turned out to be landlord/tenant issue, civil.

•Landline regarding questions over criminal codes. Public Assist.

•ATL on speeding vehicle 100 block of McKinley (eastbound). Out of position, Unable to Locate (UTL).

•Attempted to return several “found” items that have been accumulating throughout the office (to no avail).

•Called to a 911 hang up in the 100 block of Presley Ave. It was just and argument, parties were separated and peace was restored.

Be Happy, Be Safe, Slow down and enjoy the ride.

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