KPD Roll Call: Aug. 21-28

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KPD shot of the week.

•Warrant service on Alhambra Rd. Subject taken into custody on Kootenai County warrant without incident.

•Assisted in fire investigation throughout the rest of the day.

•Assisted K76 on the 400 block of Bunker Ave. for a threats complaint.

•Assisted K76 with a citizen contact on the 10 block of E. Cameron Ave. which lead to a felony arrest x2 for trafficking.

•Dispatched to an unlawful entry on the 100 block of W. Elder. Suspects left the scene prior to my arrival. Later on, I located one suspect on W. Mullan Ave. Investigation is still on-going pending more interviews.

•Assisted k76 with evidence.

•Assist with paperwork/evidence.

•Continue fire investigation (assisting when able).

•Vehicles up for tow - had to pend for another day. One of which I know is still there as I tagged it.

•911 hang-up/open line on Howard. Upon arrival and brief interview, the small children finally fessed up to playing with the phone. Mom watched them run into the living room and was in the process of asking them what they had done upon my arrival. UNFOUNDED.

•Unwanted subject @ Cameron Conoco. Turns out the subject was NOT there, but there is more to the story with possible report pending.

•Battery 900 block of W. Cameron. Turned out to be brothers rough-housing. Mom was brought in and did not feel the need for charges (after we learned of the rough-housing). Parties were separated. Unfounded.

•Citizen contact/interview 600 block of 2nd Street.

•Report of an underage male with an adult female in the 100 block of E. Portland.

•Attempt To Locate (ATL) on possible rolling Domestic on the Interstate. Pinehurst PD caught up to the vehicle and stopped at 52. Went to cover until other units arrived and cleared upon their arrival.

•Report of Runaway juvenile from CDA in Kellogg. Was tied up on a call at the time and a Deputy/Detective was on location at the time of call. He checked the business and showed photos, confirming the subject had not been there and was not currently there. Relayed to CDAPD.


•Called the Cameron Conoco for Citizen contact. Cleared report taken, reference a battery incident at long shot. Still need to speak with other party.

•Called to a suspicious circumstance in the Silver Mountain parking lot. Contacted intoxicated male near a truck. After speaking with Reporting Party (RP) he did not drive vehicle, just walked around intoxicated. Detoxed male.


•Evidence work.

•Worked on search warrant.

•K76 made a citizen contact in the Cameron Conoco parking lot. Cleared, felony arrest for trafficking X2.

•Evidence work (most of the day).

•Welfare check on female subject talking with herself at the corner of Station and Elm. Contacted subject and she was not in need of assistance. See below for further information.

•Assault reported 100 block of Pressley. After speaking with one of the involved parties, statements made did not constitute any crime at the moment. The threats being made were having photos taken saying they were going to get them arrested for that– advised this was not a crime. The other party was not home, but the parent was and re-iterated what was told prior, then became uncooperative. Report taken for documentation.

•Advised of damage done at Bank CDA, Retrieved statement and other evidence and turned over to K72 (brief over the weekend he was already working on it). Assisted.

•Citizen contact at Kellogg City Hall along with various landline requests.

•Continued work on evidence and abandoned vehicle tows.

•Patrol of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Traffic stop on S Division under the I90 overpass for no front plate. Cleared verbal.

•Traffic stop on 500 block of W Brown St. for no turn signal. Cleared verbal.

•Dispatched to Cameron Conoco for report of a female talking to herself and panhandling. Arrested said female for criminal trespass.

•Citizen contact near 200 block N Division. Male ended up having a misdemeanor warrant out of Kootenai County. Arrested said male.

•Dispatched to Cameron Conoco of report of a battery not in progress. This call came in near the end of my shift and I was wrapped up in the warrant arrest so K76 took the call as he was getting on shift.

•LL request regarding the RP being locked out of their vehicle and were afraid to walk home at night all the way to Smelterville. Checked with the RP later and they no longer needed a ride.

•Walk-in regarding a request for a report. Cleared public assist.

•Fire at Silver Mountain. B building at the hot tub. Believed a cigarette caught fire to a flower box. Report taken.

•Evidence work (most of the day again).

•Found bicycle at Sam’s. Bicycle was left over a week ago and nobody came back to claim it. Report taken.


•Patrol of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Studied some of the changes made to some of the Idaho Statutes.

•Follow up on cases.

•Traffic stop on Hill St. into Hill St. Conoco for front plate about to fall off. Cleared verbal.

•Dispatched to 300 block for report of animal cruelty. Cleared unfounded.

•Finished reports.


•Traffic stop at Railroad and Hill St. for failure to dim. Verbal.

•During the above traffic stop, ISP 486 was calling for a cover at the Longshot bar. As he was driving through there, a fight happening in the street. All party’s ran away. The instigator of the fight left all of his backpack and clothing behind. Later found the male extremely intoxicated and took him in on the Kellogg disorderly conduct city ordinance. He wasn’t very happy, lots of spitting and yelling profanity at K76 and ISP 486. Cleared arrest.


•Citizen contact at the Cameron Conoco. The clerk was arguing with a female at the counter. The female party was refusing to leave. The female was trespassed from the Cameron Conoco and she left the property. Cleared, public assist.

•Citizen contact in front of the Fire Hall with a male standing in the Street. Cleared, Necessary Action Taken (NAT).

•Vehicle accident hit and run on Riverside and North Division. One of the Dave Smith vehicles was hit. Cleared report taken.

•K72 Assisted 1215 with 29 service in the 400 block Main St Wardner. Cleared other agency assist.

•K72 Assisted FS 19 with 29 service. Cleared negative contact.

•Suicidal subject on 500 block or W Brown St. male subject was not so suicidal but did have drug paraphernalia. Cleared arrest.

•K72 Assisted FS 19 with ATL on male subject located on 400 block of W Mullan. Cleared other agency assist.

•Reports for the rest of the day.

•Worked on Morning Star Fire investigation.

•Put dog in pound for county and then later released said dog for the county.

•Mobile patrol in Kellogg & Wardner.

•Conducted follow-up on my cases.

•Observed a broken window on the 10 block of W. Riverside of a commercial building. Realized later it was already broken somewhat from a prior incident that was documented and it just broke a little more. Cleared unfounded.

•Dispatched to a fight in progress on the 200 block of E. Portland. Peace was restored and parties were separated. However, an individual involved in the brawl turned out to be violating a protection order right in front of me and also had a warrant. Individual was arrested & booked into jail.

•Responded to an intoxicated female attempting to enter a residence that was not theirs on the 500 block of Bunker Ave. Upon arrival, I learned the individual was just one house down from intended destination and helped the female to her friend’s residence.

•P.U.B.G is better than Fortnite.

•Citizen contact in Steins parking lot. Male subject had misdemeanor warrant out of Shoshone county. Cleared arrest.

•Ran paperwork up to Sheriff’s Office.

•Dispatched to 300 block of W Cameron for welfare check on a male individual that was passed out in someone’s yard. Male subject was fine, he was just sleepy. Cleared advised him to move on.

•Worked on reports.


•Traffic stop in the Humdinger parking lot for stop sign violation. Verbal warning given.

•Traffic stop in the Silver Mountain parking lot for speed. Verbal.

•More search warrant work.

•Civil Standby in the 200 block of Elder. Public assist.

•Assisted county with 29 service. Cleared, other agency assist.

•Mobile patrol in Kellogg & Wardner.

•Worked on followup/cases.

•Dispatched to a vehicle fire on the 600 block of 2nd St. Fire crew showed up and put the fire out rather quickly before residence began burning down. Report was taken.

•Assisted County with a burglary in progress in Pinehurst. Turned out to be an employee starting their shift.

•Responded to the Cameron Conoco for a welfare check. Contacted the individual and discovered they were A-OK.

•Office work/evidence/reports/general follow-up.

•VIN inspection Kellogg City Hall.

•Parking ticket issued Division @ I90 for parking in No Parking Zone (yellow at curb).

•Spoke with persons owning vehicle up for tow. They are going to try to move it tonight, will be towed tomorrow.

•Checked on vehicles for tow, one is gone. Checked with dispatch and they were not showing a call for it (nothing to clear out).

•Mobile patrol in Kellogg & Wardner.

•Assisted K76 with a DUI arrest on Station.

•Worked on cases/follow-up.


•Search warrant work.

•Evidence work.

•Called to the Amy Lynn’s for a fight in progress. Cleared arrest.


•Mobile patrol in Kellogg & Wardner.

•Foot patrol on Bunker Ave & City Park.

•Conducted a building check on Bunker Ave.

•Attempted to work on reports but had some technical difficulties for the 2nd day in a row. K76 has been sharing this pain as well at the worst possible times.

Be Happy, Be Safe, Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!

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