KPD Roll Call April 3-10

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KPD shot of the week.

•Dispatched to Bunker Ave. for Facebook harassment. Explained what the “BLOCK” button is. Cleared public assist.

•Handled a vehicle crash on S. Division.

•Conducted follow-up on cases and worked on reports.

•Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Motorist assist Hill St. at I90. Semi-truck experiencing mechanical issues. Was able to patch it in order to get to Walmart for his mechanic to come assist.

•Citizen contact 300 block of west Cameron. Cleared, NAT (No Action Taken).

•Citizen contact in the 500 block of Riverside. Cleared.

•Stationary radar Wardner.

•Stationary radar near KMS.

•Traffic Stop E Cameron. Verbal for speed.

•Traffic stop on Cameron Ave. for stop sign violation. Cleared verbal.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Residence check at 200 block of W. Mission.

•Assist K76 with citizen contact at 300 block of W Cameron Ave. Cleared other agency assist.

•Check Fraud at Casa De Oro. Cleared, public assist.

•Tax fraud. Tax return was placed in a green dot card in California. Cleared report taken.

•Welfare check on the 300 block of Maple. Subject decided to go to the hospital. Cleared assist.

•Building check on Main St.


•Conducted foot patrol around the city. While on foot patrol, observed an unsecured door to a public building (Middle School - Old Building). Building was searched and secured.

•Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Complete walk-through of Kellogg Community Center (Old Jr. High) with K77. Responsible notified of the open door.

•Extra patrols of residential areas.

•Foot patrol Elm, Cameron, Mission, alleyway asnd other nearby streets.

•Foot patrol Up and down Wardner.

•Steakhouse open door, secured door and rest of building.

•Training at the beginning of shift.

•Report of bad checks at Sunnyside Drug. Cleared, public assist.

•Assist K76 with report of sexual battery. Cleared agency assist.

•Citizen contact about fictitious plates. Citizen hasn’t registered old plates to new vehicle, was told not to drive it once he gets home until the car gets registered.

•VIN inspection 100 block of W. Mission. K75 wasn’t allowed to go past the child riding the bike until she got to confirm that his beard was real and soft. I’m pleased to announce that K75 passed the test and was able to complete the VIN inspection.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Foot patrol Main St. Wardner.

•Foot patrol E&W Mission, E&W Riverside, E&W Mullan, N. Division, Elder, Elm, E&W Cameron Ave. and Hill St.

•Received a phone call regarding malicious injury to property in the county. Reporting party was referred to Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO).

•Observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed in Kellogg. Also observed the vehicle driving on just three wheels while smoking with extensive front end damage. Caught up to the vehicle at Bisarro’s Trailer Court and conducted a traffic stop. Found out the individual crashed on I-90, then tried to sneak away. Individual was later arrested for DUI, striking fixture near roadway and fail to notify officers of vehicle crash.

•Assisted Sheriff’s Deputies with a traffic stop on I-90 near MP (Mile Post) 51.

•Assist K77 with DUI & Crash. Crash took place I90 50.5. Vehicle came off Interstate and continued from Cameron/Jacob’s Gulch to where it was located 300 block of E. Cameron. Eventually stopped 51791 Silver Valley Rd. Extensive damage to vehicle, no injuries. K77 Arrested.

•Public Assist at Silver Mountain Resort, parents left child. When I arrived, come to find out child locked himself out of the room they were staying in and parents were located at Noah’s eating. Child returned without issue, nothing further.

•County assist I90 at MP 51.5 on a traffic stop. Driver felony warrant for attempted homicide....upon confirmation, there was no warrant, just cautions for violent tendencies. Cleared upon arrival.

•Suspicious Person 400 block of Bunker. Male subject lying in the grass unknown reason or issue. Upon arrival, he was trying to walk away (not very well due to his intoxication). After all was said and done, transported him to Fairbridge to get a room and sleep off the massive amount of alcohol he had consumed.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Traffic Stop on mill for speed. Clear verbal.

•Traffic Stop on Elder for Stop sign. Verbal.

•Business checks.

•Noise complaint coming from either Eddie Joe’s or Sunshine. RP (Reporting Party) did not want contact. K72 handled (Sunshine music...nothing nefarious).

•Dispatched to 100 block W Mission for burglary in progress. Upon arrival was a male on the front porch sleeping. Male was passed out from being highly intoxicated. Advised was at the wrong house and provided courtesy ride to his house to 400 block Main St. Cleared unfounded for burglary.

•Delivered paperwork up to the Sheriff’s Office.

•Citizen contact by Galena Ridge Golf Course. Juvenile was fishing in the pond while it was raining outside. K75 asked if he had a parka to stay dry, of course he didn’t he just wanted to go fishing, so K75 provided him with a trash bag and showed him how to makeshift one. The longer he stays fishing, the longer he stays out of trouble right? At least that’s the idea anyway.

•Business alarm at Dirty Ernie’s employee set off alarm while cleaning up.

•Citizen contact at KPD cleared public assist.

•Called to the condo’s at the end of W Cameron Ave. for suspicious activity. Cleared NAT.

•Business check on McKinley Ave. cleared NAT.

•Foot patrol on Ohio and McKinley Ave.

•Called to the 200 block of Mullan Ave. for a dog and a moose not getting along. Both were gone when I arrived, but if I was a betting man I would have bet on the moose.

•Patrolled the water soaked alleyways and side streets.

•Harassment in progress call to 400 block of State St. Cleared verbal was given to both parties to not have any contact with each other

•Unwanted subject, possible burglary in progress on the 400 block of Chestnut. Upon arrival the caller said she could hear someone trying to break into her bathroom window. There was no one trying to break in. K76 was standing outside her house and could see the bathroom window...drugs are bad, stay in school.

•Citizen contact in the Dept. of labor parking lot.

•Assisted ISP with traffic hazard. Cleared, other agency assist.

•Assisted County with warrant Arrest. Cleared, other agency assist.

•Called to State St. for an out of control Juvenile. Cleared, peace restored.

•Called to a dog at large at Yokes and the city park. Cleared, could not catch.

•Responded to SMC for a disturbance. Individual left prior to my arrival. Cleared UTL.

Be Happy, Be Safe. It’s not spring till all the snow is off of the Alhambra rock slide.

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