KPD Roll Call Jan.3-10

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If your vehicle looks like the one in the photo and has a bright orange tag on it, its going to be towed. Please move your vehicles so the snow plows can remove the snow from the streets.

•Tagged several vehicles for snow removal.

•Traffic stop on Main St. and McKinley for white light to the rear and one working headlight. Cleared verbal.

•Traffic stop on Cameron and Hill St. for speeding. Cleared verbal.

•Dispatched to 400 block of W Mullan for noise disturbance. Upon arrival two males got into an altercation. One of the males had a no contact order in place and was in violation of it. Arrested said male. Cleared arrest.

•Bar checks with K75.

•K72 did a walkthrough in the high school to get familiar with the layout. K75 and 1215 assisted.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Bar checks at Eddie Joe’s, Dirty Ernie’s, Noah’s.

•Business checks at Cameron Conoco and Morning Star lodge.

•Assist ISP with traffic stop on McKinley Ave. Cleared other agency assist.

•Patrol of Kellogg and Wardner.

•T-stop on 100 block of E Portland for white light to the rear. Cleared verbal.

•T-stop on 200 block of Railroad for no tail lights. Cleared verbal.

•T-stop on Jacobs Gulch Rd and Cameron Ave for one working headlight. Cleared verbal.

•T-stop on Bunker across from KMS for auxiliary lights to the front and one working headlight. Cleared verbal.

•Dispatched to heritage health for possible child abuse. Ended up being a county call since the subject lives in the county. Cleared other agency assist.

•Traffic Stop McKinley Ave. for no tail lights- Clear verbal.

•Traffic stop on Cameron Ave. for obstructed plate (no, it wasn’t snow)- Clear verbal.

•Assisted County with a pizza throwing domestic in Osburn. You read that right, subject was throwing pizza at the husband- Cleared other agency assist.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Citizen contact in the Yokes parking lot, two males standing near the car in dark clothing late at night- everything was code four.

•Motorist assist at McKinley and Main St.- cleared public assist.

•Motorist assist on North Division- vehicle died and needed a jump, friend came and helped out- cleared public assist.

•Evidence work and instruction for K77 (showing the evidence process and ensuring his keys work)

•Updated narrative templates in ARTS to reflect old K77 leaving and new K77 arriving.

•Parking ticket issued intersection of W. Mullan and Division for vehicle parked in intersection.

•Agency assist- county with warrant service Silver Valley Road and Page on a traffic stop. Subject taken into custody without incident prior to my arrival. Cleared.

•Possible domestic 400 block of Bunker- subjects were separated and there was nothing that took place. One side called in when the other came home in order to avoid any issues. Parties were talked to and told to call if arguing becomes worse (there was no argument that took place at this time either).

•Patrol of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Traffic stop on Galena Ridge Rd. and McKinley for white light to the rear. Clear verbal.

•Traffic stop on S Division and Gold St. for failing to yield to oncoming traffic. Clear verbal.

•Domestic battery that occurred on 01/01. Incident occurred on 400 block of Brown St. Created informational report following the incident per the RP request.

•Parking complaint on 100 block W Mission. RO moved vehicle. Vehicle was parked wrong way at curb.

•While on the vehicle parked complaint also spoke with neighbor and advised to park her car either in her driveway or right side to the curb.

•Traffic stop on Mckinley and Hill St. for 1 headlight. Clear verbal.

•Assist K76 with traffic stop on Hill St. and Riverside. One male subject had an FTA warrant. Clear assist.

•Foot patrol Kellogg Middle School.

•Assist county with a wrong way driver I-90 M.P. 48. Unable to locate.

•Verbal domestic on 400 block Bunker Ave. Parties were arguing. Cleared peace restored.

•Dispatched back to 400 block Bunker once again for the same individuals for a welfare check. Everything was code 4. Clear NAT.

•Extra Patrol old Lincoln school requested.

•Responded to the Cameron Conoco for an abandoned vehicle. Employees said that a female drove up, paid for gas, filled the vehicle up and then just walked away leaving the vehicle at the gas pump. K77 searched the area for said female and was unable to locate. K77 ran the plates and the vehicle did not come back stolen. Dispatch made attempts to contact the RO of the vehicle but was unable to make contact. Vehicle was towed due to it blocking the gas pumps.

•Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Meetings throughout the day for upcoming training (not announcing anything at this time).

•Paperwork to courthouse.

•Abandoned patrols.

•Damage to city tree near intersection of Hill and W. Mission- resident became upset and called for a Deputy to respond. Didn’t like that so he wanted to contact the FBI. When he calmed down and was able to talk like an adult, a lot was able to get done and covered. He will be contacting the City Road crew to see how to handle the damaged tree.

•Tagged vehicle W. Cameron/Price for 48-hour removal. After tagging I was advised owner was located and vehicle will be moved.

•Traffic 200 block of E. Riverside- advised driver there is something hanging underneath vehicle. Turned out to be skid-plate on vehicle.

•Traffic I-90 access road between Hill and Division- verbal warning for operating vehicle after dark with no lights.

•Patrol of Kellogg and Wardner.

•T-stop on Legion and Hill St for 1 headlight. Clear verbal.

•Cleared out evidence locker.

•Dispatched to Silver Mtn Resort for a welfare check on male who looked highly intoxicated. Provided courtesy ride to male to Osburn.

•Dispatched to 500 block W Mission for disturbing the peace. Cleared unfounded.

•Dispatched back to Silver Mtn for unresponsive male breathing laying on the ground. Male subject just had a little too much to drink. Cleared other agency assist.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Reports and entered evidence.

•Called to Shoshone apartments for an individual worried for his girlfriend, after speaking to him he calmed down and relaxed- cleared N.A.T.

•Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Checked on vehicle tagged for removal- cleared out pending call for tow as vehicle had been removed (this was for a vehicle I tagged as I did not check on others’ tagging- unsure when they are due and cannot tow on weekends).

•Worked on evidence.

•Parking ticket issued Division and I90 underpass.

•Parking ticket issued Bunker Avenue at Gondola Base.

•Welfare check 100 block of W. Mullan- subject was good, notification made to reporting party that phone had been turned off...they will be attempting to make contact if phone works. Dispatch will notify RP in the event the call is not placed from this end.

•Mobile and stationary patrols of Kellogg and Wardner. Stationary 500 block of Main in Wardner and various locations where I was able to park in Kellogg.

•Vehicle Tagged 48– 700 block S. Division.

•Vehicle Tagged 48– 600 block 2nd Street.

•Vehicle Tagged 48– 500 block S. Division.

•Vehicle Tagged 48– 300block E. Portland (may be a re-tag as it looked like one was there before).

•Vehicle Tagged 48– 100 block E. Riverside.

•Vehicle Tagged 48– 400 block Bunker (north side of road).

•Vehicles tagged are obvious as I picked the ones buried in snow. All vehicles should have been entered into the call for the vehicles being tagged 48- if they come up, should be easy to locate (shouldn’t be “white car” or something to that effect).

•Disturbance 400 block of W. Brown. Spoke with parties involved and it was not a fight/argument. One subject looking for lost item became agitated and threw items in the garage yelling alone and neighbors called. Advised to keep noise down. Peace restored.

•Citizen Contact Hill Street under I90- moved along bridge dwellers (they were on their way when I arrived).

•Traffic 400 block of Bunker- Citation for fail to renew vehicle registration. Verbal for expired driver’s license.

•Traffic 100 block of Railroad- verbal for speed.

•Worked on NIBRS.

•Worked on evidence.

•Worked on reports.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Called to possible 8004 driver on Bunker Ave. vehicle returned to parking lot before my arrival. Cleared unfounded.



•Called to SMC for courtesy transport. Cleared public assist.

•Patrolled the streets of Kellogg, found some potholes...I’m pretty sure my kidneys are pursuing charges of battery on the pothole on Bunker Ave. by the speed limit sign. I’m starting to miss the snow-covered streets.

•Marked 16 vehicles 48-hour notice for inhibiting snow removal.

•Parking ticket 300 block W Mission Ave. for parking wrong way at curb.

•Assist county with shots fired in Mullan, cleared other agency assist.

•Called to 300 Block of S. Division for deceased cat that had been hit by a car. Cleared public assist.

•Bar check at Eddie Joe’s... as it was the only other sign of civilization other than Cameron Conoco after 11 p.m.

•Traffic stop on Main St. and McKinley for no working tail lights. Cleared verbal.

•Dispatched to Dave Smith for male subject wanting to report possible domestic. Cleared unfounded.

•County assist for prowlers at 200 block Hunt Gulch Rd. Cleared other agency assist.

•K72 finished Intoxilyzer online training.

•Assisted K72 with possible domestic. Cleared unfounded. Male and female both claim it was verbal only.

•K75 Assisted county with prowlers in the area of Hunt Gulch. Suspects on scene and actively searching through victim’s property. K75 held his title as the KPD king of flat tires- while in route to the call, the tire light came on. He had to limp it to the gas station where he was picked up by K72 and finished the call. Upon trying to place the spare tire on, he realized that we have the wrong kind of lug wrench/ lug nuts to take the tire off. Nickerson’s Towing ended up taking the vehicle to Silver Valley Tire.

•Called to the 300 block of Mission Ave. for a vicious dog. Reported that the dog had already bit one person. While on scene the dog exited the fenced yard, and began advancing aggressively towards the reporting party. K77 stepped in between the dog and the RP. The dog then advanced towards K77 and he ended up having to use the taser to stop the attack. Dog was checked out at the vets and is ok. Will get with K90 to follow up on vicious dog protocol.

•K77 assisted Medical for an unconscious male on the 100 block of Mullan Ave. Male was transported to SMC. K77 was contacted a short time later by EMS and was told K77 that he might want change his uniform and de-bug his patrol vehicle. Can you say bed bugs?

•Towed 3 vehicles for snow removal.

Be Happy Be Safe don’t let the bed bug bite.

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