Climate change dark side—FAMINE

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Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth still dominates climate news. Sadly, Little Ice Age worldwide famine, compounded by population explosion, escapes media attention.

The world’s ten deadliest famines, with 59,156,000 deaths, occurred between AD 1601 and 1929.

Eight of the ten famines occurred during the Little Ice Age; the other two, also the deadliest, occurred in 1917 and 1959.

Googling population explosion identifies a devastating threat to humanity—perhaps greater than a nuclear war.

World population was about 400,000 in 1317—the start of the Little Ice age. It increased to 1.4 billion in 1880. By 1980 it reached 4.5 billion. In the last 39 years, it jumped to 7.6 billion. Such growth scares the daylight out of me.

In recent years, Iceland, Germany, Portugal and Poland have achieved zero population growth.

Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia have negative population growth.

On the flip side, world population grew 1.1% per year.

What is frightening is that one large segment of world population grew 1.8% per year.

Devastating famines will continue if current climate change is stopped.

References to the “hottest temperature ever recorded” is misleading. Global temperatures did not exist until about 1880. Thus, record high temperatures now compare only to highs of the Little Ice Age.

Rising ocean levels result from global warming. World leaders must choose between accepting global warming with loss of land near coastal waters or stopping global warming and accepting the devastation of worldwide famine caused by global cooling.

Bob Launhardt

Pinehurst, Idaho

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