Compliments on letters and thoughts on Trump

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Compliments on letters

and thoughts

on Trump

First of all, I would like to compliment Mr. Fred Scott for his letter to the editor that was published in the Shoshone News-Press. It was well written. He put everything in a nut shell. It made a lot of sense, and it was all true. His second letter, titled, “Here we go again, Vote Republican–not,” that was published in the News-Press, Saturday, Nov. 17 edition, was another letter that told the honest to god truth. So, I would like to tell Mr. Fred Scott, Keep On Writing!

I would like to add several things about our great president and world leader, Donald John Trump. What the hell is wrong with him? Has he lost all of his marbles? Trump brags about himself and runs everybody else down. It all started out when he kept lying. The following is the lies he has told:

1. He said Obama was not born in the U.S.

2. Trump said at his inauguration that was the largest crowd ever.

3. He denied paying hush money to Stormy Daniels and some other woman.

He blames Obama and the Democrats for everything. Trump called Mexicans, “animals,” said “they were not human.” He called Stormy Daniels, horse face.

Again, he blamed Obama and some admiral because they did not capture Bin Laden sooner. This goes on and on like the Energizer Bunny. Trump called the NFL “SOB’s.” That’s the first time I have heard a president use profanity on TV.

Those pipe bombs that people were getting was motivated by politics. Several Democrats received them, but not one Republican. Trump has $100 million for his re-election. They talk about cutting $14,000 jobs in the automobile industry. Your great leader told soldiers to use tear gas on children. The next day he denied it. Thirty-nine percent of American people think Trump is doing a great job. I heard Trump live on TV say, “I love Putin.”

Trump blamed the fires in California on forest management. In my opinion, (which I am usually wrong), I think his health is failing, or maybe: 1) Taking too many prescription drugs, 2). Starting to get dementia, 3). Drinking too much, but he said live on TV, “He doesn’t drink and never has.” Myself, I am thinking that he told another lie.

If he had none of the problems listed above, well then, he is just plum crazy. I would like one of you Trump lovers out there, which there are many, to write a rebuttal to this letter. I love them. I can answer them in 15 minutes. Also, list 10 great accomplishments he has done while in office, maybe two. Waiting to see your letter.

One more thing, in my opinion on the mid-term election, it is not a one-way street anymore. I hope readers get the message.



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