Top ten of the things that bug me

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I will admit some of these pet peeves are rather long.

1. Driving down the dike road, dodging pot holes, and then driving back, it is the same situation. This is 2017, not 1817, when the hell is someone going to patch them?

2. Getting up in the morning, turn on my T.T. and across the screen it reads one moment please, this channel should be available shortly. It is not sudden and there is also a missing link.

3. You donate $10.00 to five organizations. They keep sending letters to me wanting more money. I now have enough addresses stickers to last me 200 years.

4. Listening to Trump’s press secretary answering questions that reports ask her. She doesn’t remember or recall. I thin most of the cabinet members in the White House have amnesia.

5. Listening to tweeter Trump keep repeating over and over that the news media is fake and they are falsely reporting. In my opinion, he is the biggest fake.

6. My wife and I worked our rear ends off to support and raise six children, now only three come to visit me, oh well, half is better than nothing, but it still hurts,

7. You drop something, usually small like a pill, it goes straight down and falls under your chair, table, bed, or dresser, then you have to get down on your hand and knees and crawl to find the object.

8. A lady leaves a message on my answering machine, and she talks so fast that I can’t make out what she is saying. You play the message over three times and you still can’t understand what she said.

9. You get a DUI while sitting in your pickup parked with a dead battery. The definition for he word DUI is “driving under the influence,” they should change the name to SIP, “sitting in your pickup.”

10. Finally, watching Trump hugging his best buddy, Putin, while he was in Vietnam, you would think they were kissing cousins.

James L. Baker,

Kingston, Idaho

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