The Brew Review: Vindicator IPA

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Not your standard IPA...or would it be THE standard?


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IPAís are an incredibly popular style of beer.

Fans of this style are some of the most die-hard and passionate beer drinkers out there.

But like the many types of beer, even a self declared IPA lover could appreciate one IPA- while another could think itís not strong enough.

When it comes to the IPA genre, the name of the game is hops and bitterness.

Some IPAís crank up the IBU (International Bitterness Unit) into the 100ís to draw in those drinkers who may enjoy chewing on hops as a snack (maybe).

There are other IPAís though that keep that hoppy bitterness to a more moderate level and throw some other flavors in there to create a more balanced drink.

Wallace Brewingís Vindicator IPA (ABV: 7 percent, IBU: 70) falls into the later category.

Make no mistake though, this is still an IPA.

Created with Columbus, Chinook and Cascade hops, the Vindicator is an American IPA that packs a solid punch of hoppy bitterness that any IPA lover will enjoy.

What may attract other beer drinkers to the Vindicator though is its caramel/ toffee like touch that subtly mellows out the main taste of hops.

As a fan of red ales that also have those aforementioned malty tastes, I think including them in the Vindicator is a fantastic choice.

To wrap it up, this drink has a pleasant hoppy finish that shouldnít scare anyone away in search of something with lower IBUís.

Overall, this is a solid beer that would make any thirsty IPA-lover happy.

It may be a bit too hoppy for those who donít like a more prevalent bitter taste, but itís IBUís are low enough that nobody should be intimidated.

You can pick up a Vindicator at The Wallace Brewing Company, located at 610 Bank Street in Wallace, Idaho.

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