The Brew Review: Milk Stout

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Smooth from that first sip.

A dark beer lover could easily confuse North Idaho Mountain Brewing’s Milk Stout (ABV: 4.5%, IBU: 30) as a tasty dessert.

This beer is both appeasing to the eye and the pallet from its first pour.

A first for The Brew Review, the Milk Stout is served as a nitro- meaning that its is poured with 70 percent nitrogen and 30 percent carbon dioxide.

When a nitrogen mixture is used in lieu of complete carbon dioxide, the flavors of a beer (with the Milk Stout being no exception) are more prevalent due to the absence of the standard prickly/ carbonated bite normally associated with beer.

Nitrogen escapes out of the drink when poured, leaving only the taste of the ingredients and a solid, almost creamy, head (the foam that rests at the top of the beer).

In the case of the Milk Stout, the rich chocolate and coffee flavors come from the use of five different specialty malts in combination with milk sugar to give this drink a dark and creamy finish.

Two different types of hops are also used for a subtle grounded flavor.

This one is truly a delicious treat that would make any dark beer lover’s foam mustache curl up in a smile.

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