The Brew Review: 1910 Black Lager

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Deceivingly light and predictably refreshing, Wallace Brewing’s 1910 Black Lager (ABV: 4.9%, IBU: 22) has a resume that almost speaks for itself. Winning gold medals at the 2017 North American Beer Awards (NABA) competition, the 2017 Best of Craft Beer competition, and the 2015 NABA competition, this beer and its creators certainly have a lot to be proud of.

By the dark brown/ black color and coffee smell, initial impressions of the 1910 could cause one to think this is a dark winter season porter or stout.

Upon tasting though, the beer shows its true roots as a lager.

The 1910 provides the drinker with a surprisingly light taste and variety of different flavors.

The Ida Pils malt used as the beer’s base malt is immediately prevalent, giving off a pleasant crisp flavor that is easy to handle.

This is quickly followed by coffee & darker malt flavors with a subtle hop taste mixed in.

This tiny hop ‘bitterness’ helps to mellow out the more dark flavors and add to its true identity as a lager.

As it goes down, the small amount of dark chocolate can be noticed and enjoyed, giving this beer a unique and tasty finish.

Overall, don’t be fooled by the 1910’s hue.

This award winning beer can be enjoyed anytime of the year, in bottles or on draft.

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