A heart for serving others


Taryn Grattic

The child of a single mother, Taryn Grattic knew her mom worked long hours to provide for her and as a result, her grandparents played a key role in raising her.

As her grandparents aged, Taryn, found herself as their caregiver.

“My grandparents were incredible people and caring for them made me want to go into medicine,” said Grattic, who grew up in Missoula. “They were instrumental in my development as a person.”

One day, Taryn faced a difficult dilemma. She could stay home and care for her terminally ill grandfather or she could leave him to attend a MEDEX Northwest, the University of Washington School of Medicine’s Physician Assistant Program in Seattle.

“My grandpa wanted me to go to school,” she said. “He said, ‘Go. You could help so many more people with your education.’”

Taryn reluctantly went to school. Sadly, her grandparents never lived to see her fulfill her dreams.

“I think they would be very proud of me,” said Grattic, a Physician Assistant with Heritage Health. “I have always loved to help others and I really care about taking care of people the best I can.”

Grattic started working at the Kellogg clinic when it was operated by Mountain Health Services about six and a half years ago. She continued on at the clinic when Heritage Health entered into a partnership with Mountain Health in 2014.

The Silver Valley appeals to Grattic and she is very fond of her patients.

“I love serving the Silver Valley,” she said. “It’s a close-knit community and a wonderful place. I have met truly amazing people here.”

Grattic is married to her loving husband, Carl. They have a beautiful daughter, Emma, who is six months old. In their spare time, they enjoy fly fishing, boating, and skiing.

Practicing medicine in a rural community gives Grattic opportunities to help generations of families.

“Because of where we live, I can take care of a great-grandmother and her descendants as well,” said Grattic. “It’s pretty unique.”

At the end of the day, Grattic takes a lot of professional satisfaction from making a difference in people’s lives.

“Helping people makes everything worth it,” she said. “When a patient tells me they’re better, it reminds me that every decision is meaningful.”

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