KPD Roll Call Oct.3-Oct.10

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KPD shot of the week.

•Driving around town today and noticed this funny black smooth stuff on the Cameron Ave, not quite sure what it is but hoping some of it lands Mckinley Ave soon.

•Landline request regarding threats.

•Citizen contact at the Amy Lynns.

•Traffic stop on maple street- clear verbal.

•Traffic stop on the 49 on ramp- clear verbal.

•Follow up on an elderly abuse call.

•Called to Portland Avenue for an out of control 15 year old. I don’t know many 15 years old in control.

•False alarm on Cameron Avenue.

•Semi Vs car in the Humdinger parking lot. Small damage to car. Both parties exchanged info, non-re-portable.

•Patrolled the streets of Kellogg. Well some are streets some not so much.

•Unwanted person at Silver Mtn. Cleared UTL.

•Dispatched to Fairbridge Inn for accident property damage. Cleared report taken.

•Dispatched to Cameron Conoco for suspicious vehicle repeatedly coming to park there. RO doesn’t have good cell reception anywhere else....

•T-stop on railroad and lower third for no turn signal. Cleared verbal.

•Patrol of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Dispatched to 400 block of Bunker Avenue for physical domestic.

•Agency assist in Smelterville for fight in progress. Cleared agency assist.

•Assisted K71 with an individual with a dispute with construction company.

•Assisted county on vets road with a domestic. Provided a courtesy ride also. Cleared agency assist.

•An upset neighbor wanted to cite another neighbor...he didn’t know what for, but wanted to because he was tired of him complaining about him running his chainsaw after dark. K77 made a couple of suggestions and issued a warning to upset neighbor for parking on the side walk. Cleared peace restored...but that didn’t last long.

•Patrolled the Kellogg JV football game and briefed with K72 at the game.

•Assist county on Howard Street with an arrest. Case they were working had PC for an arrest.

•Parking complaint at steel workers hall. Vehicle was moved.

•Assist medical at Silver Mountain. Guy had an obvious altered mental status but no chemicals on board.

•Paper service on Mission Avenue.

•Parking complaint at Cameron Conoco. Vehicle moved.

•Arrested an adult male for battery with the victim being his mom.

•Walk in complaint. Deputy was already handling call.

•Patrols of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Relieved K77 at the hospital for a female high on controlled substance. I was relieved soon after arriving there by one of their hospital staff.

•T-stop on Bunker Ave for speeding. Cleared verbal.

•T-stop on Bunker for 1 headlight. Cleared verbal.

•T-stop on 400 block Railroad for ground lights. Cleared verbal.

•T-stop on division and Cameron for 1 headlight. Cleared verbal.

•Received a LL request about location of a person with a warrant. Located male subject at trail motel. Cleared arrest.

•LL request for suspicious mail- Cleared public assist.

•Traffic stop in the 400 block of Main Street for no front plate- Clear verbal.

•Called to Napa for a disagreement on a parts return, things were heated for a moment but peace was restored and a deal was made.

•Foot patrol on Hill Street.

•Called to the 100 block of North Street for a dog at large- dog was admitted to the shelter.

•Worked on reports.

•Called to Fairbridge for 37 (drugs) violation. Upon arrival I confiscated a green leafy substance and pipe and educated the individual on Idaho laws.

•Called to Cameron Avenue because the resident of the house thinks his neighbors are in his attic again. After confirming no one was in his attic we cleared.

•Called to yokes for a vehicle burglary. Ended up arresting an adult female for burglary and petit theft.

•Called to Mission Avenue for a noise complaint. The repeated neighbor dispute of Mission. Cleared peace restored.

•LL request reference the arrest from earlier.

•Released K9 from pound.

•Assisted medical on Cameron Avenue.


•Called to a report of a petit theft in the 100 block of Mission.

•Traffic stop in the gondolier parking lot for stop sign Clear verbal.

•Traffic stop on Hill Street for stop sign- Clear verbal.

•Traffic stop on Hill Street and Mission Avenue for no front plate- Clear verbal.

•Assisted K90 at 139 Mission Avenue, Raymond was having a mood - Cleared other agency assist.

•Traffic stop on in the 500 block of McKinley Avenue for no plates- Just purchased the car from his dad- clear verbal.

•Called to 400 Block of W Brown for unwanted subject. Upon my arrival the unwanted subject was gone. Preformed extra patrol in the area cleared unable to locate.

•Assisted county with a battery, Suspect lived in Kellogg recently K75 sat on the house but she was located by county.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Bar check at Eddie Joe’s.

•Citizen contact at 900 block of W Park. Male was having a fire in his yard, fire appeared to have gotten way out of control and from the PD it looked like a structure fire. As I was arriving on scene the male was spraying the flames down and getting it under control.

•T-stop on Jacobs Gulch Road for no turn signal. Cleared verbal.

•T-stop on Teddy Avenue for speeding on Railroad Ave. Cleared verbal.

•T-stop on Hill Street under I-90 overpass for stop sign violation. Cleared verbal.

•Motorist assist on Railroad Avenue. Vehicle had broken down in the right-hand turn lane. Vehicle towed cleared motorist assist.

•Patrol of school zones during school hours.

•Called to 411 Bunker for dog at large... yes dog in the locked building running the halls. Dog’s owner was located before my arrival.

•Interview/follow-up for outside agency. Interview conducted for Pocatello Police Department with subject in Kellogg. Information will be forwarded to Pocatello. Report will be completed at a later time when the internet is more stable for completion.

•Subject at SMC wanting contact. Complaint about a nurse in the residential wing. Nurses were swapped and parties were happy.

•Suspicious person around Cameron Conoco. Made contact with clerk and gained description. Most notably they did not want the subject around the back of the store. Checked Conoco as well as Les Schwab, Interstate, river, and alleys. Unable to locate subject.

•T-stop on Jacobs Gulch Road for speeding. Cleared verbal.

•T-stop in Gondolier parking lot for speeding. Cleared verbal.

•Dispatched to 500 block W Mission Avenue for female subject who broke her leg. Cleared other agency assist.

•VIN inspection for the Fire Dept.

•Patrol of School areas.

•Call to 10 block of McKinley Avenue for parking issues. Store owner is moving things out of the store so the vehicles were sticking out into the road a bit. Cleared public assist.

•Debris on the on ramp of 49 on I-90. Cleared unfounded.

•Verbal Domestic at the Laundry Mat on Riverside and Elm. Cleared parties separated.

•Attempted 29 service on Brown Street. Male subject does not live there and was not there. Advised the resident to notify us if he comes around.

•T-stop on Cameron and Elm Street for speeding. Cleared verbal.

•Dispatched to McDonalds for unwanted subject. Male subject left upon request. Cleared public assist.

•Dispatched to Silverhorn Motor Inn about break in not in progress. Upon arrival they wanted to report that a male subject that was staying there had his friends stay in the room as well and they trashed the room so they were gonna charge additional charges to him. After telling them this was a civil matter between them, they also gave me a syringe with what looks like heroin inside of it as well as a pipe that was used. I took said items and placed them into evidence.

•School Patrol.

•Patrols of Kellogg and Wardner.

Be Happy, Be Safe, GO WILDCATS!!!!!!!

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