Questions to the Board of County Commissioners

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1) Who has overseen the Data Processing in the last 4 years?

2) Why did it get no attention with some type of plan prior to a year end reports not getting done?

3) The grants on the “Airport” has been done for many years. Doesn’t an engineer firm write the grants and administer them? I would like to know how much money since 2005 the county has matched the airport grants.

4) Why would the Commissioners allow the Road Department to put into their budget for the SRS funds when indeed they were not funded the previous year? I realize this year both years were funded but is this good fiscal judgment? What plans does the Commissioner have in place for the county to fund the “Roads” when the SRS Funds are gone.

5) Looking in the minutes, I see the Chairman made many motions when all three Commissioners are in. I thought the Chair was to vote for the tie. Though I have not seen many motions or discussions they disagree on and that is concerning.

6) I have heard of many violations of the open meeting law being violated. Could someone explain to me why that is happening?

7) Is it true the Commissioner’s office is paid higher than the sister counties of Shoshone?

8) Why did the Elected official of the Sheriff’s office get an increase and the other elected officials got none when the Sheriffs just took office?

9) When selling tax deeded property why not inform the surrounding neighbors who may be interested and quit selling properties so cheap?

10) How many hours do the Board of County Commissioner work? Previous Commissioners worked 4 days. If the work has decreased why wouldn’t the salaries of the Commissioner office decrease for the taxpayers?

Ellery Masterson,

Kellogg, Idaho

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