Silver Valley snow measurements over the years

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I have been keeping a weather diary for several years and would like to share it with the readers, especially the new residents who moved to the Fabulous Silver Valley, North Idaho.

These snow measurements and few low temperatures were taken on Christmas Day only in the Bauman Addition, Kingston. As you know, Snow measurement vary in different locations, such as Wallace, Burke and Mullan. IF I told you (reader’s) all the weather reports that I wrote down, seven days a week since 1972, I would have to write a book. I have a problem. I have misplaced four weather books, 1987, 1988, 2013 and 2016 (which I can’t believe) I have a filing cabinet with two large drawers where I can keep my weather books.

I will start with the year 1972, Dec. 25, Christmas day.

1972-Christmas, we had a light skift of snow, semi-white.

1973-Christmas, light skift of snow the ground here.

1974-Christmas, White, approximately 1.5 inches.

1975-Christmas, partially white, lots of bare spots on my lawn.

1976-Christmas, 5 inches on the ground here.

1977-Christmas, measures 10 inches of snow on the ground.

1978-Christmas, eight inches of snow on the ground here.

1979-Christmas, light skift of snow,approx. Half an inch less

1980-Christmas, no snow, raining, high temperature 50 degrees.

1981-Christmas, measured 8 inches of snow on the level here.

1982-Christmas, some old snow, not white.

1983-Christmas, white low temperature 10 degrees above zero.

1984-Christmas, 7 inches of snow here

1985-Christmas, measured 9 inches of old snow, low temperature 6 degree above 0

1986-Christmas, approximately 1 inch of snow on our lawn

1987/1988 — misplaced

1989-Christmas, green Christmas no snow here

1990-Christmas, 4 inches of snow on ground; low temp. 10 degrees above 0.

1991-Christmas, lawn green, no snow

1992-Christmas. snow has settled to six inches, there was 16 inches before

1993-Christmas, approximately 1 to 2 inches of snow.

1994- Christmas, mostly green Christmas, approximately 1 inch of new snow and snowing.

1995-Christmas, no snow here, low temperature 12 degrees above zero.

1996-Christmas, measured 34 inches of snow on the ground here.

1997-Christmas, nine inches of snow, bauman Addition, Kingston only, low temperature 19 degrees above zero.

1998-Christmas, 2.5 inches of snow on level here.

1999-Christmas, no snow here ,lawn green.

2000-Christmas, white 8 inches of snow here.

2001-Christmas, measured 4 inches of snow here.

2002-Christmas, 5:52 a.m., hailing ,very light skift of snow.

2003-Christmas, white,measured three inches of snow here.

2004-Christmas, light skift of snow.

2005-Christmas, law green,rained most of the day.

2006-Christmas, snow here has settled,two inches.

2007-Christmas, white,four inches of snow on the level here,was eight inches at one point.

2008-Christmas, six inches of new snow ,measured 19 inches on the level here.

2009-Christmas, light skift of snow, low temperature 16 degrees above zero,nice,sunny day.

2010-Christmas, one inch of new snow.

2011-Christmas, white,two inches of snow here.

2012-Christmas, four inches of snow here.


2014-Christmas , semi-white ˝ inch of snow here,non measurable.

2015-Christmas, 17 inches of snow on the level here

2016-Misplaced (hope i can find these four weather books.)

2017-Christmas, I measured nine inches of new snow here. Note, measured 16 inches of snow on New Year’s Day.



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