KPD Roll Call 9/12-9/19

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  • Photo by K77/ K75 shows off his sweet wheels before he hits the streets to patrol.

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    That counts as a wheelie...right?

  • Photo by K77/ K75 shows off his sweet wheels before he hits the streets to patrol.

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    That counts as a wheelie...right?

•Shots fired call up Wardner, multiple callers. It seems someone was shooting at a coyote on the hillside as the coyote could be heard in all of Wardner- Cleared unable to locate.

•Called to yokes for a vehicle needing to be moved, occupants were sleeping inside and didn’t want to wake them up themselves- Cleared public assist.

•Follow up on hit and run.

•Follow up on malicious injury to property.

•Suspicious vehicle in the silver mountain parking lot, owner of the vehicle was teaching friend to drive a stick shift.

•Verbal domestic in progress on Kellogg Avenue that ended up actually being on Vergobbi, and it wasn’t actually in progress. turned out that it had happened two hours ago. Ended up being more of a civil matter - Cleared N.A.T

•Called to Silver Mt. for found property. “green leafy substance” will be sent to lab for destruction.

•Called to 100 Block of Elder for burglary alarm. Cleared building secured.

•Called to 401 W Portland for disturbance. Cleared peace restored.

•Called to SMC for high school student spinning broadies in the gravel lot above the Gondolier. Learned infraction citation issued.

•Battery 100 block of E. Portland. Juvenile taken into custody for battery and beyond parental control- transferred to jail and taken to Kootenai by jail. Report completed and already taken where they need to be (no running up in the morning necessary).

•Civil stand-by 400 block of Railroad- cleared civil. While there heard a loud bang, confirmed subject was okay as he called the Sheriff’s Office to report me for trespassing. Cleared unfounded, advised owner of the rental property to go through courts to have subject physically evicted.

•Landline request- completed and referred to other officer (questions about something he handled).

•Wardner City Council meeting.

•New body cam prep.

•Patrols of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Dispatched to 100 block W Idaho about someone stealing hot water from their basement. Cleared unfounded.

•K77 took pictures of K75 on Bike Patrol.

•Assisted county with looking for an adult male for a battery that took place in Smelterville. K75 looked for him in Kellogg. Cleared UTL.

•100 block of Presley for report of stolen items. While gathering information on a possible stolen gun, all items were located (discovered to not have been stolen). Unfounded.

•Called to 400 Block of W. Mullan for report of a stolen chainsaw.

•K75 Preformed bike patrol and made many contacts with the community.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•T-stop on Cameron Avenue by Dave Smith motors for stop sign violation. Cleared verbal.

•T-stop on Hill Street and Mission for stop sign violation. Cleared verbal.

•T-stop on Bunker Avenue by KMS for no turn signal. Cleared citation issued for DWP and no insurance.

•Dispatched to Amy Lynn’s about a possible attempted break in. Cleared informational report started.

•K77 Started his shift off at Conoco getting his red bull and saw an adult male drive by that we have been trying to serve papers on for the past week, but he would not open the door. K77 stopped him and served him the papers. You can imagine his excitement when he couldn’t hide behind his door.

•Assisted county at H&W for an incident that stemmed from my threats case.

•Assisted K75 at cat tails for a theft case.

•Called to panhandle linen for a disturbance. I ended up giving female party a ride to SMC for a behavior health self admit.

•T-stop on Cameron and Jacobs Gulch Rd for speeding. Cleared verbal.

•T-stop on Bunker Ave by KMS for speeding. Cleared citation issued.

•T-stop on Frontage Rd for stop sign violation. Cleared verbal.

•Dispatched to 500 block of West Mullan for a civil issue about child arrangements. Cleared public assist.

•Patrolled the cold streets of Kellogg and Wardner.

•Courtesy shuttle.

•Touchdown!!!!! Just kidding Field Goal!!

•Barking dog complaint on W. Mission. Upon arrival dogs were inside and not barking. Spoke to RP and she stated that the dogs woke her house hold. Warned dog owners for the barking dogs and gave some tips to help try to mediate the issue.

•Vehicle Crash I-90 MP 50 within city limits. Vehicle was avoiding another vehicle and crashed into guardrail. No injuries no blockage.

•Called to Best Shots for two bikers that did not pay for their drinks. After checking with Best Shots, they had payed but they were concerned that they were intoxicated. Found one biker sitting on the side walk by Dave Smith motors. Called his wife and she came and picked him up.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Called to the 600 block of S. Division for a complaint of barking dogs, upon arriving I heard no dogs barking, just rain hitting the pavement.

•Called to the 400 block of brown for a report of a loud noise, couldn’t locate anything that could have caused it- U.T.L

•Traffic Stop on the 49-westbound onramp for no passenger tail light- cleared verbal.

•Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner.

•Called to the 500 block of Main Street in Kellogg for noise complaint.

•Traffic stop on the 50 on ramp for a stop sign- clear citation issued.

•Follow up on hit and run.

•Called to legion for abandoned vehicle.

•Follow-up for K72 and K76.

•Finished petit theft report.

Be Happy, Be Safe, Is it me or did we skip fall all together?

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