Stealing from sacred ground

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You stole from the vets, because the coins were left by someone who had stopped there, and they wanted to let people know they were there, and that they are thankful for those who serve in the military, so they left a coin. THEY DID NOT LEAVE THEM FOR YOU.


Penny- Knew the vet.

Nickel- Trained with the vet.

Dime- Was in the same unit as the vet.

Quarter- Was there when the vet died.

All the money donated, or left at the memorial, goes to keep up the memorial, and to keep adding names to it that have not been added yet. That money can not be used for such things, since you figured you needed it more than the memorial does.

The names on the walls of the memorial are vets who served in the different branches of the military, and many of them DIED IN COMBAT, so that YOU still have the FREEDOMS George Washington and his fellow patriots BOUGHT for YOU. The names on those walls are some of the ones who KEPT THOSE PAYMENTS UP, so that YOU still live in a FREE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Vets consider ANY headstone or monument to a vet as SACRED GROUND, and they are not meant as a play area, or a place to leave your trash, or to collect money that was left by others.

Volunteers clean up the trash that others leave, and we all are amazed that people can come to such a SACRED place and leave their trash. As the old saying about visiting the outdoors say, “TAKE NOTHING BUT PICTURES. LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS”.

John Dickey (a concerned citizen)

Smelterville, ID

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