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My rule is: If you don’t have to take drugs, then don’t. Drop your blood pressure by exercising and eating right. Taking a pill that expands your veins so blood flows better cannot be good in the long run because that is a short term fix. I don’t take any pills other than thyroid. My rule is: If you if cannot look straight down your front and see your toes, you are overweight. The same goes with women, with some compensations.

The most common drug problem facing America today is the overuse of painkillers which can lead to heroin addiction. When I started cancer treatments they gave me a pain patch which trickled medication into my arm. The problem with pain patches is that you can get very constipated. You have to remove your body waste by hand, if laxatives don’t work. I can tell you by experience using your digits to remove your waste and grabbing a trash can at the same time to vomit is a place you do not want to go. It totally humbles you for the rest of your life. Plus, you have to get off those drugs slowly. When Debi noticed a change in my behavior she asked me, “What’s going on?” I told her I had ripped the patch off because I had enough. She started yelling, “You can die!” So we reduced the patch down to nothing under the guidance of the doctor. Also, the strength of the drugs impacts people differently. As part of my treatment they gave me steroids which made me bounce off the walls to the point I had to tell Debi to stop driving the car on the Fourth of July Pass so I could get out and walk it off. I pulled myself off of those too. I did not consume cannabis during anytime of the initial treatments because I could not get it in any form that I could put down my feeding tube. I was already losing my mind due to chemo. I figured I wanted all my synapses firing to fight my cancer. I did smoke cannabis in subsequent treatments though.

Ten years later, when I had my entire bottom jaw replaced, they asked me what type of pain killers I wanted. My first question was, “Are you going to give me laxatives?” The nurses told me they wanted to give me laxatives so I told them I wanted nothing, not even Tylenol. I could deal with pain but laying in diarrhea is where I drew the line. After I got home, I walked for hours everyday pulling the pain out of me. I smoked marijuana in the evenings. If I can have my jaw cut out and replaced without long term pain medication or even aspirin, so can you.


I believe, if you’re going to win the battle against cancer, you need not only Western medicine but other approaches which include but are not limited to: visualization, naturopathic medicine and acupuncture. You also need to talk with knowledgeable health food store staff.

I started every day by visualizing. This happens best in the transition between being awake and asleep. This is when the mind is most susceptible to visualizing. I thought of my white blood cells being Pac Men as they chewed up cancer cells. I also thought that since my body and mind brought this disease upon me, I could reverse it with the strong power of my mind.

When I was in the middle of the chemo I sought out an acupuncturist to help with the effects of the chemo. I did not have the expected reduction in nausea. It was probably because I was being hit so hard by multiple kinds of chemo. Some people have had great results though.

After I was finished with treatments, I went to great naturopath who told me that “either by real astute reading or divine intervention I had chosen every thing I could do to defeat cancer.” He told me he needed to calm my body down and so I slowly went off of some vitamins, herbs and mushrooms. I am a great believer in this type of medicine. I worked for a man who told me his little boy was terminal and traditional doctors had given him just months to live. I sent the family to my naturopath and he helped pull his son out. This may have been the exception. You need to understand the risks if you shun one medicine for another. Be smart! Cover your bases! Do both!

You really need to do your homework on health food products because there are an awful lot of scams out there. I was fortunate enough to find a lady at Pilgrim’s Health Food that really knew the products. When I was told I had almost zero white blood cells and with the flu everywhere that winter, I was terrified that I would die. We drove to the store and I picked up a product I had studied and tripled the dose in one night. After having the wildest dreams, I could tell there was a difference in my body. When I had my blood checked in the morning, prior to shots in my stomach, my white blood cell count had zoomed up five points. So the pills worked and even more importantly, I had the comforting scientific data to prove it. I never needed any more shots for white blood cells. At the same time I started to grow hair, even when they were hitting me hard with chemo. Later, my doctors asked me what was going on. As I started to tell them, they interrupted me saying they did not want to know but to keep doing what I was doing.

Protect yourself! Gas pumps and money are the most widespread ways to contact a flu which could kill you. Nobody washes their hands prior to using pumps, public bathrooms latches or money. Whatever people did with their bodies before you put your hands on that item is now your problem. So use gloves to put fuel in your vehicle. Stay away from sex with any partner, no matter what. You don’t need any more problems even if you have been faithfully married. Stuff pops up out of the blue, which I found out. Viruses can lay dormant for a long time, then you can pass them onto your spouse. Love each other in other ways.


Dealing with fear is an individual approach. I went to a hypnotherapist because I was severely frightened of needles. It was so bad that I held off getting married because in California a blood test was required for a marriage license in the 1970s. As I pointed out, you can visualize putting your fear in a box then placing it on a shelf and promising to deal with it later. To put it bluntly, fear is a luxury you do not have time for. You need to know your enemy, but not fear it. Study the cancer you have because “knowledge is power.” That will give you some assurance and a plan. When you have a plan, you can reduce both your anxiety and fear.


You need the will to fight. It is a long, painful and costly journey that will greatly impact you, your family, friends and finances. The fight may not have a positive outcome. Your spouse might leave you. You could go broke. Friends could disown you. What I find troubling and disgusting is when some person tells me, “God will not give you more than you can handle.” God does not give you illness. So while this may be comforting, it is not true. God does not promote sickness. God is love. Darkness promotes disease. People use God as an excuse for self-pity, to provide false hope and avoid the fight for life.

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